This page in a nutshell:

  • Files used on article pages should be as high quality as possible
  • All file names should be descriptive and follow format
  • Properly license all uploaded files


Please refer to the following images for aiding in naming and licensing.


This is for if you are uploading images via the Special:upload page. This is only one page and the easier of the two to use. Policy File Rules Special-Upload key


  1. Image upload area - This is where you select the file you upload, nothing here will be displayed on wiki after uploading.
  2. Image naming area - This is where you name the file, ensure you use the naming hierarchy shown on this page.
  3. Image license area - This is where you select the license the file needs, ensure you are using the correct license as detailed on this page.

On-page upload

This is for if you are using the on-page image addition, this has 3 stages, simply follow the stages shown below:
Stage 1 - Selecting the image: Policy File Rules On-page upload stage 1 key
Stage 2 - confirming: Policy File Rules On-page upload stage 2 key
Stage 3 - Naming and licensing, Please note "More Options" must be selected to see these options: Policy File Rules On-page upload stage 3 key


  1. Image upload area - This is where you select the file you upload, nothing here will be displayed on wiki after uploading.
  2. Image type selection - This is where you select if you want to place the image as a thumbnail or full-size.
  3. Image alignment area - This is where you select which side of the page you want the image, it is only available with thumbnails.
  4. More options selection - This is where you access other options for the image, it must be selected to access the image naming area and image licensing area.
  5. Image link area - This is where you select if the file links anyway, only avalible with full screen
  6. Image naming area - This is where you name the file, ensure you use the naming hierarchy shown on this page.
  7. Image license area - This is where you select the license the file needs, ensure you are using the correct license as detailed on this page.



This is where you select the license.

When uploading a pictures, ALWAYS remember to add a license. If not, your picture may be deleted.

To add a license, look for the "License" dropdown bar when uploading a picture. The general rule is that all screenshots are under "Copyrighted media", so select that when uploading screenshots, and real-life or self-made pictures are under "Public Domain".

If you don't know the license, do not guess what it should be, pick a random license, or otherwise license it incorrectly. Doing so accomplishes nothing, as the picture still remains without a correct license. For more help on correct license tags, see this page.

Tagging pictures

Images of low quality may be tagged with {{Imagequality}}.

TV pictures

Black Ops TV Picture

Don't hurt your camera's soul with stuff like this.

Generally, you shouldn't take photos of the game on your TV. These tend to look horrible, and are of large size when uploaded.

However, a big exception to this are pictures of the PS2 Call of Duty games. Currently, PS2 emulators can barely run the PS2 CoD games, so pictures of TVs with the game on it are the only of source of images for those games.

Graphics settings

Due to the potential for better graphics, nearly all screenshot images are best taken on PC if possible.

When taking pictures, try to make sure that your graphic settings are high and/or at maximum. This makes screenshots look much better.

If you can't up graphic settings without something really bad happening, like your computer malfunctioning or the framerate becoming intolerably low, then you can upload a picture with low graphic settings. However, it might be replaced by a picture with better graphics, so don't be angry if it is replaced.

If you can maximize some but not all graphics settings, prioritize on settings that make the contents of the image look better. Typically, a higher resolution is always better, although it is the most demanding setting to change. HD resolutions (1280x720 and above) are adequate, as this is the standard resolution most recent Call of Duty games run on. For most pictures, higher anti-aliasing and texture quality are also good.

It is also preferred to have the game's field of view (FoV) set to the default of 65 since this is what all platforms have the capability of seeing.


After you take a screenshot, you should crop the image so that only the thing you are focusing on is in the image. Infraview has an easy to use cropping system, so grab it if you want a free and easy way to crop pictures.

If you can't, many other users can crop it for you.

Personal images

Personal images are allowed. All personal images uploaded to the site must begin with "Personal [username]", followed by any name the user wants (examples in section below). Personal images can also be added with the {{R}} template from sites such as To use the templates simply get the imgur link, such as, and add the template to your page as such: {{R|}}. If you are removing a personal image from your page, it is asked you attach {{sdelete}} to the file to allow a speedy deletion instead of filling up the unused files page. See below for naming personal images.

Personal images must comply with FANDOM's Terms of Use.



There is a hierarchy style of naming weapons, this being:

[Weapon] [Attachment/SOPMOD, Grenadier, etc.] [Action being depicted] [Camo] [3rd person/HUD icon/Menu icon] [Game].[file extension]

Per some examples:

  • G36C Red Dot Sight MW3.png
  • G36C Red Tiger CoD4.png
  • G36C iron sights Red Tiger CoD4.png
  • G36C Dual Mags reload MW3.png
  • G36C Red Dot Sight pickup MW2.png
  • G36C Red Dot Sight Blue Tiger 3rd person MW2.png
  • L86 LSW Grenadier pickup MW2.png

Images of weapons should also be uploaded as a .png to allow for transparency, preferably with an already edited image using Anti-Alising.

Preferably this hierarchy style should be adapted onto other images as well, some examples include "Destroyed Remote Sentry MW3.png", "US Marine M4A1 War Pig CoD4.jpg" and "Mi-8 in-flight CoD4.jpg".

Subject related images

If the image is to draw attention to a subject, such as a vehicle or character, it follows an altered level related hierarchy:

[Subject of interest] [Action depicted, if relevant] [Level in-game, if any] [Game, if any].[file extension]

For example:

  • Gaz Crew Expendable CoD4.png
  • Soap using ice picks Cliffhanger MW2.png
  • Soap in mid-air Cliffhanger MW2.png
  • Kino der Toten loading screen BO3.png


For personal images simply follow this hierarchy style:

Personal [Uploader’s username] [Owners preference/Description of image].[file extension]

When renaming personal images it is best to keep part of the original name in the image for ease, however a user can remove any junk words, such as "Potato-220px" can be renamed to "Potato". Examples:

  • Personal Madnessfan34537 Cow herd.png
  • Personal Callofduty4 IED.png
  • Personal KATANAGOD Dancing bot.gif

For assistance naming see here


Unless it can be proven to look better otherwise, only weapons, models, vehicles and menu icons are permitted to have transparency enabled (an alpha layer). A guide on how to enable transparency can be found here.

Image effects

Any sort of image after-modification such as drop shadows or shading is prohibited. Feathering may be used with appropriate extent to smoothen a transparent image, though.

Images from videos

Due to the low quality found from images from videos, if an image is taken from a video that is of low quality, the image should only be a core image. Such as a weapon page should only have images of the gun and iron sights, any other images are unnecessary and will be removed. Furthermore, any images containing a watermark will be removed due to advertising.


Videos that contain commentary (in the way they are biased) and weapon montages are banned from use on mainspace articles, it is also asked you try not to upload videos with openers or commentators advertising the channel they are uploaded to, as this could be seen as a form of advertising. Furthermore, they should not contain any comments requesting for likes, favourites and/or subscriptions. Videos for your userpage should be done using the "{{youtube}}" template, instead of being uploaded. Guides are acceptable for mainspace use as long as they are of good quality.

Youtube tags

  1. Firstly, get your video URL, " " will be used for demonstration.
  2. Secondly get the code from the "v=" part, so for the demonstration URL I've supplied it would be "dNwspV1x_gk"
  3. Lastly, put this code in the {{Youtube}} template. Using the demonstration URL supplied it would like this: "{{youtube|dNwspV1x_gk}}".
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