The channel for the Call of Duty Wiki on the IRC is #wikia-cod

You can find help from an admin or Channel op on the IRC or you can just chat!

Your channel ops are (activity on IRC channel and alternate nicks in brackets):


These are a basic set of rules and guidelines that should be understood before going onto the IRC channel #wikia-cod:

  • All user related policies on this wiki must be abided to on the IRC channel, particularly COD:UTP.
  • No spamming. Something will be considered spam if it is repeated several times and if this happens you may be kicked and/or banned from the channel.
  • Racism is absolutely not tolerated, and any users being racist will be banned from the channel.
  • No impersonation of other users - This creates confusion, and is also fraud.
  • References to sexual topics are allowed in moderation. When posting links of a sexual nature the word "NSFW" must be placed before it. However "porn" isn't allowed.
  • If a user posts pornograghic material, shock sites or other similar material they will be banned from the channel for a certain amount of time.
  • No personal information about others without their direct consent.
  • Users must be easily identifiable to their wiki username either through their nick or hostmask. If not using an easily identifiable name, users must tell others who they are.
  • Users blocked from the wiki are also blocked from using the IRC channel until their block is over.

Countervandalism channel

The wiki's own countervandalism channel is at #cvn-wikia-cod. It provides a recent changes feed of IP edits, reverts, and other possible vandalous edits.

This channel isn't meant to be for discussion - please use the main channel for that.

Your countervandalism channel ops are:

CoDference channel

The wiki's wiki discussion channel is at #wikia-codference. It is used for scheduled discussions about wiki matters, and as such no general chat can be allowed here.

Administrators are automatically opped, and those with 50 mainspace edits or over are given voice.

The channel is muted to allow for a 50 mainspace edit requirement to take part in the discussion.

The channel will be locked until the CoDference itself, due to it not being needed until the CoDference.


Use the form below to connect to the IRC channel.

IRC family

Several users thoroughly thought through and developed a family tree for our IRC channel. It can be viewed here.

Apparently we also play poker.

Unofficial Channel #CODWiki

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