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This page is a retired Call of Duty Wiki policy.
It is no longer in effect or enforced and is kept only for archival means.
Consensus to retire this policy was reached here: Forum:Retiring COD:LEAK

Leaked information may only be used in articles if it was either intentionally or accidentally leaked by a company involved with the production, development, and/or distribution of the respective game. If the information was leaked through illegal means (e.g. stealing copies of a game prior to its release) it is to be removed on sight, this is also the case of any legal copies of the game sent out prior to the official release date for any reason. Articles on things that only became known about by illegal means are to be deleted outright. Once said game or information is officially released it can be posted on the Wiki.

This policy exists because Activision contacted Wikia in regards to illegally leaked information being put into articles before the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in which Activision requested Team Player to be deleted[1]. To prevent the possibility of future legal action, this policy cannot be ignored nor circumvented, and no exceptions can be made.