This page is a retired Call of Duty Wiki policy. It is no longer in effect or enforced, and is kept only for archival means.
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Level pages can be divided into single and multiplayer levels.

Single Player

On a single player level, you should start out by giving a brief description of the level and adding Template:Level Infobox. Make sure to bold the level's name.


After this, give a more in-depth overview of the level by explaining exactly what happens. Use the third person when doing this.

Therefore, please do not use "you". Instead use "he" or "the player".

Also please use the present tense, and do not abbreviate anything, besides ranks. So never use "CoD4", instead actually bother to write it out in full. Do not use slang language, like "You and your guys". It makes the wiki sound unprofessional.


If you have some time, you can give a detailed walkthrough of the level, though it must be unopinionated and without bias. Use the third person when doing this.

If you don't, you can place a video walkthrough that somebody made on YouTube.

Multiplayer Levels

Multiplayer levels are a bit different. First, give a brief description of of the level and add Template:Multiplayer_Map_Infobox.


As with single player levels, add a in-depth overview of the level and tell the reader what type of map it is.


Use this section to tell the reader important areas in a map, such as the park in Bloc or the waterfall in Cliffside. Also, tell them what type of weapons work best in that area.

Multiplayer Tactics

This is where you give the player advice on how to play the map as a whole. Start off by creatingt a section that describes specific tips for certain game modes, such as Search and Destroy. Then, create another section that describes the types of playing style (sniper, run and gunner, etc) that can be used on the map.


At the end of both types of level pages, add a "Trivia" section. Add only unusual things that happen in the level, such as a character getting stuck in the wall. Don't add things like how the level in inaccurate to something that happened in real-life, such as in the WWII Call of Duty games. these usually turn into history fans arguing over minute details most people don't care about.

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