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This usergroup is closed. All users may now create news blogs, but only administrators may add "News" or "Opinion blog" categories.

The News Team is a group of users who are allowed to make News Blogs and apply the Opinion blogs category.

Any duplicate News Blogs will be deleted on sight.

Any blogs using the "Opinion blogs" category without consent will have the category removed.

Any news blogs made by users that aren't in the news team will be moved off their domain and given to a user that is part of the news team.

Professionalism and quality journalism is expected for all news blogs.






Users that have expressed interest to a user that are on a trial run. May be added to main team after some time if blogs are up to standard. Please note users must contact a b'crat first. Users cannot simply add themselves. This is to prevent any user from simply making news blogs.

Monthly Newsletter

Makes the monthly newsletter, which covers things that happened in the past month.