This policy is in effect a significant application of COD:AEAE

While in an ideal world we'd like to be able to take into consideration people's circumstances, on the internet it is far too easy to lie about one's circumstances in an attempt to circumvent the rules or gain attention. As such, illnesses, disabilities, mental issues, recent events and other personal circumstances cannot be taken into consideration in the event of vandalism, UTP violations or other similar actions that would otherwise merit a ban.

"It was my brother/sister/friend"Edit

It's easy to blame your sibling or friend for vandalism or other misbehavior coming from your account. However, not only can this not be proven, it doesn't detract the fact that your IP address is clearly being a problem. Also, if this is coming from a registered account, then the account will be deemed as insecure and may be blocked for security reasons. Therefore, unblock requests with the reasoning that it was a sibling/friend at fault will not be approved.

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