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Recent-Changes Patrollers Project Group of Wikians of the Call of Duty Wiki
This is the Project Group page for Recent-Changes Patrollers! Please submit your Request for Membership [[Talk:Call of Duty Wiki:RCP#Membership|in the official section]], citing verifiable patrolling.

Attention! Requests are approved on basis of merit: continuous efforts against antivandalism and improvements of bad edits is required for entry into this group.

Users will be accept based on the merit of their actions, and the regularity of their editing. Examples of users not accepted:

  • Blogs more than edits
  • Talk page edits more regular than mainspace
  • Have been blocked or falsely warned another user

The RCP group includes meritorious and respectable users, as well as regular editors, those who have gone a certain period of inactivity or focus on another namespace are subject to removal, if you are focusing on another wiki, or on the War Room, or for any other reason cannot do RCP work, let a senior member know, and place a note by your name on the list.


  • Membership is valid only as long as the user is active in following the goals of the group
  • Membership must be approved by a Senior Member
  • Only Senior Members may change templates or this page
  • Senior Members approved by consensus of current Senior Members (see below)
  • Minimum of 300 total edits
  • Minimum of 100 total mainspace
  • Proof of Recent Changes Patrolling or Anti-Vandal work.
  • Only senior members may award the Usergroup Usefulness medal.
  • If you are inactive for more than a year, your membership will be revoked



  1. To patrol RC for vandals and trolls.
  2. To promptly respond to vandalism.
  3. To report vandals and trolls to an administrator of the wiki.
  4. To promptly warn users guilty of violating DDD, DBAD, or AEAE.


The CWM (Call of Duty Wiki Militia) is the term for the Senior members of the RCPs.


The NP (Night Patrol) is the term for the members of the RCPs that work during the late night.


This is an official usergroup dedicated to the betterment of the wiki by reverting vandalism and nonconstructive edits, as well as by promoting the activism of new users by making them feel welcome to the wiki. As you know, the creator of the group is Darthkenobi0, so far we have several other members as well.


* designates a senior member To contact a member, simply click his/her name.

To have your name put on this list, please submit a request for approval by a senior member.

Inactive List

These users have not been seen for over six months.


To place each userbox on your page simply enter the code as shown below.

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