This page in a nutshell:
In most cases, only information directly from Call of Duty should be used.

Information relating any content in articles to real life is prohibited, unless the article is directly related to real life, such as Robert Bowling. This is because the real life information on the subject is irrelevant to its Call of Duty counterpart.

The subject of an article, though it may be based on a real-life topic, should be written from a fictional perspective and information gathered from the game(s) rather than a real-life perspective.

However, per the naming policy, if a weapon's name is not given/heard in-game, then the real life name can be used.

When editing a real world character's status (such as Sarah Michelle Gellar) it is fine to use a real world source to add their birth date, however, unless seen in-game, their death date should not be used, instead they should be marked alive from when they were last seen, as with any other character.

This policy can be overridden by IAR if necessary.

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