When adding points of information in the Trivia section, never put "X is the Y time something has happened/appeared in the Call of Duty series". Never add information to Trivia sections that belong on the main section of the article iself, such as "The X is a three round burst weapon by default", as this belongs in the main section of the article. Game over failure messages such as "If MacMillan dies, the screen will blur and it will say "Your actions got MacMillan killed!"" should also not be included. Glitches are not allowed, along with anything easily seen during gameplay, such as weapon pickup animations, do not belong in trivia. Overall, trivia is for information that doesn't fit into the article itself.

Furthermore, in a significant application to Weapon rules, do not add trivia about reused animations or sound effects from other guns.


Things that should not be included:

  • "The time in Point of Contact is simply shown as July 24, 9:15:16." - this belongs in the infobox.
  • "The M8A1 is the first weapon in the Call of Duty series to fire four-round bursts" - this should be mentioned during the weapon's description.
  • "The M8A1 naturally fires fully automatic in Single Player, despite it being a natural four-round burst in Multiplayer" - this is quite an important detail that doesn't belong in the Trivia section, but should be mentioned (if not already) in the main parts of the article itself.
  • "The Remington R5 uses the same reloading animation as the CM901" - reused assets are commonly done in the series, and are not trivial.
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