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Usergroups are groups of people that meet online with a common interest or purpose.

This page is a full directory of official usergroups, as well as a place where you can request that your usergroup be admitted into the sidebar.

Usergroups are divided into two categories: Recreational and Productive.

Recreational Usergroups have no wikia related purpose but the members share a common interest.

Project Usergroups usually try to contribute some specific edit towards the wiki.

List of Usergroups

Recreational Usergroups

Project Usergroups

Making a Usergroup

To make a usergroup, create a page entitled User:<yourusername>/<yourusergroup>.

After you have members and recognition, request below this line.


  • Must have coherent/valid purpose (i.e. not We Love Pie)
  • Must have at least 10 members (5 for Project groups)
  • Must have been around for at least a week

Voting Requirements

  • Cannot be a member of the said group.

Usergroup Requests