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When seeing a user perform an action against policy, a user should ensure they are correctly warning the user to ensure they are aware of what they are doing. If a user is ignoring warnings then it will be up to an admin to deal with the user.

A user should always be sure to add an explanation in their warning to what the user did wrong, as simply posting templates on talk pages is no help. While the "Vandalism" template may not need any explanation due to the common malice behind these edits, warnings such as "Bad Edit" and "Bad Image" should explain what the user did wrong.

A user should also be sure to leave "subst:" at the begining of every warning template. Many new users may not know that the message is a template, and may accidently edit the template instead of their talk page.


Below is a list of warnings a user can give:

  • {{Bad Edit|<PAGE>|<sig>}} - Bad edits.
  • {{Bad Page|<PAGE>|<sig>}} - Bad page.
  • {{Vandalism|<PAGE>|<sig>}} - Vandalism.
  • {{Trolling|<sig>}} - Trolling on the blogs.
  • {{No IRL|<Username>|<sig>}} - Adding real life information.
  • {{DDD|<sig>}} - Removing discussions.
  • {{Licensing Images|<sig>}} - Not licensing images.
  • {{Bad Image|<NAME OF IMAGE>|<sig>}} - Uploading poor quality images.
  • {{Unused File|<NAME OF IMAGE>|<sig>}} - Leaving an image unused.

Personal warnings

To prevent the overuse of pre-made warnings users should attempt a more personal warning if the user has not been listening to the warnings.