Rules and guidelines for the weapon pages:

Page Names

When creating a new page for a weapon, the page's name should be its name in-game. For example, if a Benelli M3 shotgun appears in Modern Warfare 5, and the game calls it "Kneecapper", name the page "Kneecapper". For weapons that are not named in-game, such as the ZPU-4 and Flakvierling, use its real-life name. Treat the weapons as if they are fictional.


Weapons whose damage degrades over range should have their damages listed from highest to lowest, i.e. 30-20 as opposed to 20-30. It should be noted that weapons in Advanced Warfare that have non-linear damage drops, should have their three damage figures listed (except in the case of Shotguns, where the third damage figure remains unused.


In the infobox of the weapon, there is a field entitled "Range". In games using the Infinity Ward engine, range on a weapon is expressed as the point at which a gun's damage begins to drop and the point in which the drop-off levels off. For example, take the AK-47 in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

AK-47Range COD4

  • With an ACOG Scope, a Grenade launcher, or without any attachments at all, the AK-47 does 40 damage up to 1500 inches. Past 1500 inches, the AK-47 will gradually drop to 30 damage, at which it will remain past 2000 inches.
  • With a Silencer, the AK-47 does 40 damage up to 500 inches. Past 500 inches, the AK-47 will gradually drop to 20 damage, at which it will remain past 1000 inches.
  • With a Red Dot Sight, the AK-47 does 40 damage up to 1500 inches. Past 1500 inches, the AK-47 will gradually drop to 20 damage, at which it will remain past 2000 inches.

Below is a visual reference for the range units in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.


One should note that 100 units is the same as 2.5 meters or 8.2 feet.

In game descriptions

First, start off the page by describe who uses the weapon and what single player levels you can find it. After that, basic strategies for the weapons are put it. Finally, put a gallery that has pictures of the weapon in-game. This can be done by typing <gallery> File:filename.png|Caption</gallery>.

This is also the section to place unusual gameplay-related quirks about this weapon, such as how the World at War bolt-action rifles do different damage depending on if they have a sniper scope or not. If these quirks significantly affect the weapon, they should be mentioned on the strategy portion of the game.


This is where you put misc facts about the weapon IN-GAME. Do not put trivia that relates to real life, such as how some dude in WWII held off an entire wave of enemies by hip-firing a M1919 machine gun. Do not put facts that relate to the weapon not looking 100% like it does in real life; game developers usually have to skimp on weapon detail for performance reasons. Also, do not put anything relating to gameplay in the Trivia. Gameplay is too important for the point you're trying to make to be trivial. Furthermore, do not add trivia about re-used assets; this is something commonly done in the series and is not trivial.


When inserting a gallery, do not use just <gallery>. Use <gallery widths="120">. This makes the galleries much neater and makes the page look much more organized.

Do nots

When adding onto a weapon page in general:

  • Do not talk about how the gun's name in game is incorrect or whatever. These are completely worthless discussions that seems more like a show-off contest between gun fans than a real discussion.
  • Do not use "You", "I" or any other first or second pronouns. This makes the wiki page sound like a blog, not an information source anyone can read.
  • Do not write that the weapon's accuracy/recoil isn't exactly like it is in real life. This is pointless because the Call of Duty series are video games; their point is to be fun, not realistic.
  • Do not talk about the gun in real life.
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