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Credit goes to CodExpert

MapPack2 This user is a Zombie Slayer!



  • Do NOT insult people, unless it is obvious to EVERYONE that you mean no harm.
  • Go ahead and get a little off topic, as long as the blog owner says it's alright.
  • Must have at least a little interest in Zombies.
  • Be active in Zombie related blogs.
  • Can not be compeletly gun ignorant, if you are at all, we can help you.
  • Ask one of the active founders if you can join, and do not add your name to the list until you get a response.


  • Have at least 50 edits
  • Must love to kill Zombies

New Project

Each user will choose multiple, zombie related articles to focus on, thus perfecting them much further. Please, add the articles below.

Fix up the new Zombie related pages.

Goals as a group

  1. To edit the Nazi Zombie pages until they are perfect.
  2. To Slay several thousand million Zombies.
  3. To have loads of fun talking about killing Zombies.
  4. To be ready for the Zombie invasion!
  5. Fix up the Nazi Zombies wiki.


This is a list of blogs dedicated to Zombies.


The section is to only be edited by senior members.

$ Marks member as a senior.

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