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Pte. Leslie Baron {Radio Operator}-Canadian 4th Army-Call Of Duty 3 Edit

Pte. Leslie Baron was just a regular Radio Operator in the Canadian Army. Lt. Robiechaud, who was in the same squad as Baron, had always seen two things in Baron: 1. A Coward 2. The person who is so careful over a radio. He is like that in the level "Laison River", right in the beginning of the level. In the beginning of the level, Baron didn't fire his Lee Einfield. He just sat there taking cover. When everyone regrouped a short time later, Lt. Robiechaud told Baron to "fire his weapon from time to time", and to "get into the fight". Baron told Robiechaud that he "didn't want to risk the radio being hit". Robiechaud told Baron "Your concern for his majesty's kit is very admirable, but don't let it burn you all the way out of the war, Private. He gave the squad the information on what the situation was, and his words were that the house in full view of them were crawling with Germans. He said that one group would take out the Germans in the front yard and inside the house while the other team will flank their position using a road on the left side of the house leading to the side of the house with two MG42's mounted to the window and the road lead to the back of the house, seeing a small destroyed shed as a wall and had two MG42's in it as well as the house windows, and a Mortar emplacement. They take the Laison River a while later. Baron was so careful with the radio. He says he's "not afraid" {of Germans}. He just wants to be able to at least make it out of the war without dying or damaging the radio. Well, that all changed when he was up on the hill near an allied field hospital. He said his job was to call in arillery strikes on a tank with enemies around the tank. His final words were "I'm not running anywhere. I'm not afraid-" He gets up and then was shot with a bullet to his head. Pte. Leslie Baron was then dead. Right then and there.

He wanted to be a brave soldier at that time. He didn't want to be a coward like Sgt. Callard and Lt. Robiechaud called him and acted like that towards him. But in exchange for him wanting to be brave, he was killed trying to take out a tank. He was a brave soldier and now rests in peace.

                                                                                     Pte. Leslie Baron, a Radio Operator for the 4th Canadian Army

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