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This is a list of the characters' quotes for the Zombies map Call of the Dead.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Beginning of the match

"Power's out... at least it's not snowing. Heh."
— After starting a match.

"I wonder what happened to poor George."
— After starting a match.

"Fuse must have blown, better go see if we can find a new one."
— After starting a match.


"Is it over?"
— When reaching Round 5

"I guess this isn't over.."
— When reaching Round 10

"Wow, I´m surprised we've lasted this long"
— When reaching Round 20

"This is INSANE!"
— When reaching Round 35

"Someone might be che-e-e-ating."
— Reaching Round 50. Reference to people using glitches/hacks to get to incredibly high rounds.


"Zombies aren't really my thing."
— Randomly.

"Oh, I think I broke you!"
— After killing a Zombie.

"I warned you!"
— After killing a Zombie.

"Cleanup on aisle four!"
— Sarah after killing zombie that hurt her

"Time for a quick One-Liner - whoops, too late."
— After Getting a Headshot.

"Hey, I'm pretty good at this."
— After getting a headshot on a Zombie.

"Just needed a woman's touch."
— After killing a Zombie.

"Farewell zombie, I barely knew ya'."
— After killing a zombie.

"This can't be fun for you."
— Killing an Zombie

"Like fireworks on the fourth of July but with blood and stuff."
— Killing a group of Zombies

"I'm Sara-ah!"
— After knifing a zombie


"No bullets? What evs, I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Do."
— When out of ammunition.

"Without ammo, I'm a dead duck."
— When out of ammunition.

"I'm out, like completely out."
— When out of ammunition.

"Empty, not good!"
— When out of ammunition.

"No bullets? No chance."
— When out of ammunition.

"Uh, guns need bullets y'know."
— When out of ammunition.

"I'll no-scope sons of bitches if I have to."
— Upon getting the M14 off the wall.

"No more miss nice gal."
— After buying an Olympia.

"Do I look like a sniper to you?"
— After getting a Sniper rifle.

"A SMG for the one and only SMG!"
— After getting a SMG. (Reference to her own initials)

"Gimme a S. Gimme a M. Gimme a G. Gimme the gun!"
— After getting a SMG.

"SMG? This must be for me."
— Upon getting a SMG.

"Hey zombies, I got something for you!"
— After getting a V-R11

"Ray Gun kicks ass"
— When killing a lot of zombies with a Ray Gun

"Big bada boom."
— Upon getting the LAW from the box.

Mystery Box

"Make no mistake, box, I will hunt you down!"
— After receiving a Teddy Bear in the Mystery Box.

"Where the hell did it go?"
— After receiving a Teddy Bear in the Mystery Box.

"Good job box keep up the good work."
— Said when getting a Ray Gun from the box

"What does a girl have to do to get a gun around here?"
— Upon trying to open the Mystery Box without the minimum required Points.

"I could um, pay you in kisses?"
— Upon trying to open the Mystery Box without the minimum required Points


"Hey, what's that symbol on the machine... oh I get it. Mature, real mature."
— When Pack-a-Punching a Ray Gun. (A reference to the two depictions of the Ray Gun on the top of the Pack-A-Punch Machine.)

George A. Romero

"Okay George, take it easy."
— When George A. Romero walks into the water and calms down.

"I really hope he doesn't come back."
— Said after killing George

"Uhh, zombie George is back!"
— When George respawns

"I think he's getting weaker! Look at the light!"
— Said when in the process of killing George

"Oh no, here we go."
— When George spawns

Easter Egg

"Sure! Why wouldn't we help some evil-sounding-stranger while we're busy fighting zombies."
— First reaction to Tank/Nikolai/Takeo/Richtofen being trapped in a room.

"Little half domes? Not exactly specific, but I'll see what I can do."
— Second reaction to Tank/Nikolai/Takeo/Richtofen being trapped in a room.

"Uhm.. you guys having a party?"
— Third reaction to Tank/Nikolai/Takeo/Richtofen being trapped in a room.

"I think that says you got the bottle."
— When the crew receives the vodka.

"You guys get your, thing, ok?"
— When the crew receives the golden rod.


"Back in the fight."
— After being revived

"Phew! I thought my cook was goosed! Wait... other way around."
— After being revived.

"Couldn't live without me, could ya'?"
— After being revived

"Well that was kinda' embarrassing."
— After being revived

"Hello?! Can someone help a woman in need here?"
— After being downed

"Guys,...I'm in a little bit of trouble here!"
— After being downed

"How close do you need to get?"
— After being hit by a Zombie.

"What are you, a paparazzi?"
— After being hit by a Zombie.


"Getting frostbite was SO not on my list of things to do today!"
— When freezing in water.

"This water is freezing!"
— When freezing in water.

"I really didn't dress for the cold..."
— When freezing in water.


" Go, Danny, go!"
— When Sarah watches Danny Trejo take the Flinger

"You've been Trejo'd sucker!"
— After watching Danny Trejo get a knife kill

"Sock it to 'em, Danny!"
— After witnessing multiple kills from Danny Trejo

"Keep poppin' those dead heads, Danny."
— After witnessing multiple kills by Danny Trejo

"We have to save that tattoo!"
— When Danny Trejo is downed

"Danny's nearly zombie food!"
— After Danny is downed

"Hang in there, Danny!"
— When Danny Trejo is surrounded by zombies

"Got lucky there, Rooker. First time for everything."
— After seeing Michael Rooker get a headshot

"I'd let them eat you if we weren't so screwed!"
— After Michael Rooker comments on being surrounded

"Ha! (Sarcastic) A big, tough Southern boy like you needing help?"
— After Michael Rooker comments on being surrounded

"Rooker! Get back here and finish the job!"
— After Michael Rooker makes a crawler

"Um, you left the bit that bites!"
— After Rooker makes a crawler

" (In a snobby tone) Later, Rooker."
— When Sarah watches Michael Rooker take the Flinger

" (In a worried tone) Try to not land on your face!"
— When she watches Robert Englund take the Flinger


"At least there's a break in the weather."
— After the weather returns to normal.

"Maybe now we can see a way out."
— After the weather returns to normal.

"Fogs getting worse again."
— After the fog starts to set in.

"I am so not dressed for the cold!"
— Reaction to the weather.


"Sweet and sour! I'm sweet and the drink's sour."
— After drinking Stamin-Up

"First one to make a joke about juggs gets a slap in the face."
— After receiving Juggernog.

"Uh... eh... kind of got a fishy taste to it."
— After receiving Quick Revive.

"Ugh, did I seriously pay money to taste that?"
— After receiving Speed Cola.

"I'm not sure we should be drinking this."
— After drinking Double Tap Root Beer

"This tastes like prunes.... old prunes."
— After receiving PhD Flopper.

"This tastes great! What does it do?"
— After receiving Deadshot Daiquiri.

"Hmmmm...I like this! What does it do?"
— After receiving Deadshot Daiquiri.


"Hey, I can see my house from here."
— From using the Flinger.

"I feel like a BIRD!"
— While using the Flinger.


"Look out below!"
— While riding the Zipline.

"Coming through!"
— While riding the Zipline.

"Hey zombies, I'm up here"
— While riding the Zipline.


— After receiving a Nuke.

"This thing's bigger than me!"
— After receiving a Death Machine.

"Don't think I'm only excited because of a sale."
— After getting Fire Sale

"Cheap guns. God bless America!"
— After getting Fire Sale

"Double points, double joy!"
— Upon getting Double Points.

"Juice me, baby!"
— After getting max ammo.

"Nice! A little home improvement."
— After getting Carpenter.


"Uh, I could pay you in kisses?"
— Attempting to buy a gun or door without enough money.

"Oh, c'mon! Can't we negotiate?"
— Attempting to use a machine, or buy a weapon or door without enough points.

"Music, huh?"
— When activating the last rock for the hidden song.

Robert Englund

Beginning of the match

"Hey! Maybe getting the lights back on, yeah, that would be a good start."
— Said in the beginning of the match.

"I think we lost our director.....and the power."
— Said in the beginning of the match.

"Anyone else feel a little confused?"
— Said in the beginning of the match.

"Should we.. maybe.. call someone?"
— Said in the beginning of the match.

"You know if this is a joke George, it's not very funny."
— Said in the beginning of the match.


"So, did we win? Hm?"
— Reaching Round 5

"It's over.. It's finally over!"
— Reaching Round 10

"This has gotta be the end!"
— Reaching Round 20

"I get the feeling we're never going home."
— Reaching Round 35

"Is it luck? Skill? OR SOMETHING ELSE!?"
— Reaching Round 50. Reference to people using glitches/hacks to get to incredibly high rounds.


"You're grounded, dude!"
— After making a crawler

"That's a good Georgie. No need to bite anyone now."
— When George gets into water.

"Where's my glove when I need it?"
— When in the presence of a group zombies. (Reference to his glove in Nightmare on Elm Street)

"Hurt me in your Nightmare! Better wake up and apologize!"
— Killing a zombie that hurt him (Reference to Nightmare on Elm Street)

"Keep coming! Keep dying!"
— After multiple kills.

"You saw that? HA! You wish you saw that!"
— Getting a headshot.

"Uh, excuse me, zombies? I don't think George would appreciate YOUR RUNNING!"
— Said when zombies begin to all-out sprint.

"Not fair! Who said you could run?!"
— Said when zombies begin to all-out sprint.

"Who's next, huh? Come to papa!"
— When scoring multiple kills.

— Said after multiple kills. (A reference to his character Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street)

"Call zombie casting. We're gonna need more extras."
— After getting multiple kills in a row

"Slice them and dice them.. oh, reminds me of a movie."
— Said after a knife kill. (Reference to Nightmare on Elm Street)

"Yeah! Remember me?! I know how to slash!"
— Said after a knife kill. (Reference to Nightmare on Elm Street)

"Yuck! *short pause* A face, only a mother would love."
— After killing a zombie with a headshot. (Possible reference to Freddy Vs. Jason)

"Ow, ow, that hurt! A lot!"
— When electrocuted by George or a zombie

"I feel like I licked a battery."
— After being electrocuted

— After being electrocuted

Mystery Box

"Appears in Vegas, disappears in Vegas... I feel like I'm in Vegas!"
— Getting a Teddy Bear.

"Laugh all you want but I WILL FIND YOU!"
— after getting a teddy bear

"Can I at least get a refund?"
— Getting a teddy bear.

"You DO know you're sending me to my death don't you?"
— Trying to open the Mystery Box without the required amount of points.


"I heard these were perfect for beginners."
— Receiving the M72 LAW or the China Lake from the Mystery Box.

"Say hello to my big fat friend."
— After getting the Death Machine. (Reference to the movie Scarface.)

"Haha! Did I win the Waffle!?"
— Getting the WunderWaffe DG-2

"Now WHY would I need a Waffle-Maker at a time LIKE THIS?"
— Getting the WunderWaffe DG-2

"A strange device for sure, (whispers) guess I should be used to it by now."
— Getting the WunderWaffe DG-2.

"Oh my!.... Does this come with a manual?"
— Getting the Scavenger

"(Giggles) think you got me beat zombies? THINK AGAIN!"
— Getting the Scavenger

"Things get desperate, can always wack 'em in the face.."
— Getting the Scavenger

"(Whistles) Here zombies! Care to stumble clumsily this way?"
— After planting a claymore.

"Ready for a surprise? No? Eh, me neither."
— After planting a claymore.

"I could do better with a pair of scissors!"
— Getting a sniper.

"Hmmm.. I expect there may be more to you, then meets the eye."
— Getting a Matryoshka Doll. (Reference to the film Transformers.)

"Why not just give me a potato gun?!"
— After getting a CZ75 or Python.

"I'm struggling with these, I really am!"
— Getting a Dual CZ75

"I've always been more of a one-hand guy."
— Getting a Dual CZ75

"What do I do if I get an itch??"
— Getting a Dual CZ75

"Question... how do I reload?"
— Getting a Dual CZ75

"(Said in quiet and very evil tone) I would be happy to keep my distance."
— Getting a sniper.

"(Said in a very mockingly smart tone) Does SMG stand for "Shredding Mutilating Gizmo?""
— Getting a SMG.

"Now where did I put my pitchfork?"
— Upon receiving the Sickle.

"Is this thing even sharp-- OUCH! Yes, yes!"
— After getting a Ballistic Knife.

"It's heavy... is that a good thing?"
— After getting an LMG or FN FAL.

"I've always wanted to be a spaceman!"
— After getting a Ray Gun.

"An SMG... hey Sarah, is this yours?"
— After buying a submachine gun (referring to Sarah Michelle Gellar's initials).

"Who comes up with these things?"
— After getting Matryoshka Dolls

"RPK! My favorite!"
— When he gets an RPK from the box.

"Oh sure.. pick on the nice guy."
— After getting a weaker weapon.


"What, am I supposed to fight bare-handed? Should I take my shirt off too?"
— When running out of ammo.

"Uh oh, that's not a good sign."
— When running out of ammo.

"Is there an ammo store around here?"
— when running out of ammo.

"Uh, my ammo situation is less than ideal in fact IT SUCKS!"
— When running out of ammo.

"No ammo! I'm dead meat!"
— When out of ammo.

"Last clip, this does NOT look good."
— When running out of ammo.

"*ahem* Pardon? Uh, could we get a runner to get us some more ammo?"
— When out of ammo.

"You know how much ammo I got? One less than one!"
— When out of ammo.


"The only thing to fear is fear itself... well, that and a zombie trying to bite your balls off."
— Getting his upgraded weapon from the Pack-a-Punch

"Welcome to my world zombies!"
— Getting his upgraded weapon from the Pack-a-Punch(Another reference to A Nightmare On Elm Street)

"Better! Much better I think... let's go try it out! "
— Getting his upgraded weapon from the Pack-a-Punch

"And to think I turned down the Royal Shakespeare company for this."
— Getting his upgraded weapon from the Pack-a-Punch

"I'd like a large decaf please. "
— Waiting for the Pack-a-Punch to finish


"(Knocking sound) Anything that makes me harder to kill, okay by me."
— After drinking Juggernog.

"(Chokes slightly) Ugh, I think there was a hair in that."
— After drinking Speed Cola.

"Ugh, all I taste is chemicals."
— After drinking PhD Flopper.

"Hmm.... that's pretty good root beer!"
— After drinking Double Tap.

"What does fish juice have to do with saving lives?"
— After drinking Quick Revive.

"So this will make me run? Not to the men's room, I hope."
— After drinking Stamin-Up

"A taste of sweetness in this bitter, bitter world."
— After drinking Deadshot Daiquiri.


"How do I STOP!!??"
— Using the Zipline.

"I know for a fact this place has NEVER had a full safety inspection!"
— Using the Zipline

"Try not to die. Try NOT TO DIE!"
— Using the Zipline

"Ah, the majesty of flight."
— Using the Flinger

"Shit!... How am I gonna land?"
— Using the Flinger

"I feel the wind, beneath my wings..."
— Using the Flinger


"Well, at least it's not fire."
— When freezing in water. (Reference to Freddy Krueger's weakness.)

"Can't stay! I'll-I'll freeze to death!"
— Said when in the water too long.

"This is so c..c..cold..COLD"
— When freezing in water

"This is fa-fa-freezing."
— After walking in water.

"Please help! I don't wanna freeze to death!"
— When he becomes frozen in water

"Help meeeeeeeeee!"
— When frozen in water


"Ah, that's better... we can finally see. Eh,... kinda liked it better when we couldn't."
— When weather clears up.

"I still wouldn't call this a nice day."
— When weather clears up.

"Well, the storm has passed... (very quietly) for now."
— When the blizzard starts.


"Guys something went wrong here! I'm on the floor!"
— When downed.

"No one started eating me yet but that could change!"
— When downed.

"I'll do the same for you one day, if we live long enough."
— When revived.

"I swear.. I could see a tunnel.. and then there was a light."
— When revived.

"Don't let them eat me! PLEEEEEASE!"
— When downed.

"Woooh... I thought I'd never wake up."
— When revived. (Another reference to Nightmare on Elm Street.)

"(Laughs) I'm glad you came along when you did!"
— When revived

"Well... at least I know I'm back for the sequel."
— Upon getting revived.


"Man and death machine!"
— After receiving a Death Machine.

"(slight giggle) Well, this is a special occasion!"
— After receiving a Death Machine.

"Not a moment too soon!"
— After receiving Max Ammo.

"I am the bringer of DEATH!"
— After getting Insta-kill.

"Hey props! Prop department! You just saved my life! Thank you."
— After receiving a Max Ammo.

"Who did that? Was tha-? Was that us?"
— After getting a Nuke

"Cool! I mean, as long as it doesn't burn my face."
— After getting a Nuke. (Another reference to A Nightmare on Elm Street)


"I'll wave to you, Mike."
— When Michael Rooker is about to take the Flinger

"Try to land on a big group of 'em, Trejo."
— Said when Danny Trejo takes the Flinger

"(Sarcastic) Sorry, Trejo. Accident."
— When Englund sets off the Flinger and Trejo is launched

"Try flappin' your arms, Trejo!"
— When Danny Trejo takes the Flinger


"I feel like dancing....on your graves, zombies!"
— After finding the hidden song.

"This, is my REWARD?!"
— After finding the hidden song.

"Aww, come on, I'm good for it!"
— When trying to buy a door or clear debris without enough money.

"C'mo-c'mo-c'mon, how much?"
— When attempting to buy a door with a minimum amount of points

Danny Trejo

Beginning of the match

"That was no ordinary storm... THAT was Gorgie."
— Starting of a match

"Evil walks among us. It took George, and it'll try to take us too"
— Starting of a match


"El pan de los muertos (dead's bread)."
— Upon getting multiple kills, it's a reference to the traditional mexican bread on "día de muertos" (Day of the Dead)

"Them sound like fightin' words."
— Upon getting a kill or multiple kills

"You're the predator? Nahh. You're the prey."
— Upon getting a headshot (a reference to the movie Predators).

"I'm tired of your noise, little man!"
— Upon killing a crawler

"You wanna keep taking a beating?"
— Said when killing a zombie

"You think I'm scared? Haha."
— After killing multiple zombies

"I fucking broke you!"
— Upon getting a kill.

"Vamos a bailar! (Let's dance!)"
— Upon getting multiple kills.

"Haha Vandalos muertos! (Dead thiefs!)"
— Upon getting multiple kills


"That wasn't so bad.."
— Reaching Round 5.

"FUCK YOU, Gogoie!"
— Reaching Round 10.

"You zombies tired yet?"
— Reaching Round 20.

"Shit.. this is one loooooong day."
— Reaching Round 35.

"Guess we're the last men standing, huh?"
— Reaching Round 50.


"Now this is the kind of shit we need."
— When buying an SMG

"This shit legal?"
— When obtaining a Crossbow or China Lake.

"I need ammo or this shit's gonna get ugly."
— Out of ammo.

"An empty gun is no use to anyone."
— Low Ammo.

"I ain't got nothing left."
— Out of ammo.

"No ammo!"
— Out of ammo.

"Those son-of-bitches are going down."
— Buying an SMG.

"Chamber's empty."
— Switching to an empty weapon.

"Shit, I got no ammo."
— Holding an empty weapon.

"I'm about to tear these fools apart."
— Buying an SMG.

"Hahaha, these fuckers ain't gonna last five minutes."
— Buying an SMG.

"I'll give these fools the education they never had."
— Upon getting the FN FAL from the Mystery Box

"I'm going to punish these zombies."
— After getting a Commando from the Mystery Box

"I don't even know what this is!"
— After getting a V-R11.


"What a crazy day.. game inside a movie inside a game.. fuck! I don't know.."
— Waiting for the Pack-a-Punch to finish.
This is a reference to the fact that the setting for Call of the Dead is a movie set and that they are in a game: Call of Duty: Black Ops. "...inside a movie inside a game."
"You got 10 seconds to give me back my gun machine...10...9..8..7.. believe me you don´t want me to get to zero."
— Waiting for the Pack-a-Punch to finish.

"If I live through this, I´m gonna get this Machine tattooed on my back."
— Waiting for the Pack-a-Punch to finish.

"This is a piece of fuckin' machinery right here."
— After getting a Pack-a-Punch'd weapon.

George A. Romero

"It's working! He's calming down."
— When luring George into the water.


— When hit by an electrocuted zombie

"No one zaps me!"
— Upon being hit by a zombie who was electrocuted by George

"You're gonna regret that!"
— Upon being hit by an electrocuted zombie

"I haven't taken a hit like that since the 70's."
— Upon being revived

"Gracias Carnal (Thanks bro!)"
— Upon Being Revived


"Orale (All right)."
— When Getting Max Ammo.

"Double points? What is this shit?"
— After getting a Double Points.

"Who you talking to?"
— When Getting Nuke

"Whoa man that was crazy!"
— After getting a Nuke

"Holy shit!"
— After getting a Nuke

"Cucuy is talking to us"
— Upon getting an Insta-kill


"You're like an angel, Sarah!"
— Said when seeing Sarah taking the Flinger.

"Reach for the stars, Englund! Hahaha!"
— Said when seeing Englund taking the Flinger.

"Coming in hot!"
— Said when using the Flinger.

"Hey! Expect a bumpy landing fool!"
— Said when seeing a zombie using the Flinger.

"Can dead people fly!?"
— Said when seeing a zombie using the Flinger.

— Said when taking the Flinger.


"Can't Touch Me Now Fools Hahaha!"
— When Riding Zipline


"Can't survive long in this water!"
— When standing in the water too long

"Man, this will freeze your huevos (balls) right off."
— When freezing in water.

"I ain't used to this cold."
— When freezing in water.


"Fogs rolling in again."
— When weather becomes foggy.

"There's a break in the storm. Let's make the most of it."
— When weather clears up.

"I'm telling ya, it's Cucuy's work for sure!"
— When the weather becomes foggy
"Storms clearing, who knows for how long. Let's get moving."
— When weather clears up.


"Ack! This tastes like fish!"
— After drinking Quick Revive.

"I'm pretty strong already."
— After buying Juggernog.

"Is This Poison Cucuy? (Mexican Version of The Boogey Man)"
— When buying PhD Flopper.

"This shit gonna make faster, I ain't gonna complain."
— When buying Speed Cola.


"Nice shootin', girl!"
— When Sarah gets a headshot

"At least Sarah can handle herself."
— When Sarah gets a headshot

"Shit! That's pretty good, girl!"
— When Sarah gets a headshot

"When'd you learn how to shoot so good?"
— When Sarah gets a headshot

"Hey Englund, Sarah's twice the man you are! (Laughs) She's got bigger nuts."
— When Sarah gets a headshot

"We'll make a man out of you yet, Englund! (Laughs)"
— When Englund gets a headshot


"Music, may not have noticed, but this isn't the kind of party atmosphere."
— Said when collecting the last rock

"I need to find more pesos."
— When trying to buy with insufficient points.

"You're lucky I'm a much nicer guy these days."
— When trying to buy a gun from the Mystery Box without enough money

"Not Enough? CHINGAO! (Damn!)"
— When trying to buy with insufficient points.

— Randomly.

Michael Rooker

Beginning of the match

"As much as it pains me to say it... I think George has turned to lunch if ya' know what I mean."
— Beginning of the match

"Doesn't look like this storm is lettin' up. No one's comin' to help."
— Beginning of the match

"I think the storm blew out the power. Best get it fixed."
— Beginning of a match.


"Heheh - I'm just having fun, boy."
— When getting a kill.

"Don't mess with me boy"
— upon killing a zombie

"Shit happens. Guess you forgot to count your chickens before they hatched!"
— Upon killing a group of Zombies.

"Don't mess with me! I'm a black belt!"
— After killing a zombie that hit him.

"Shit, they're on me like white on rice!"
— When chased by a large group of zombies

"Run all you like, you're just going to die tired!"
— After a Zombie starts sprinting

"I call bullshit on that! Zombies don't RUN!"
— After a zombie starts sprinting


"Now that's how you do this shit!"
— After reaching round 5.

"We breakin' records yet?"
— After reaching round 20.


"Hallelujah! One great piece of machinery."
— Getting a LMG.

"It's not very big, but it'll do."
— Said when buying an SMG.

"Yeah that's right it's a's for self defense...obviously."
— After buying an SMG.

"Ready to fire and forget!"
— After getting an explosive weapon.

"Oh hell yeah! That was more than just a couple of cherry bombs!"
— Getting multiple kills with explosives

"Good thing I can shoot the ball hairs off a dog."
— After buying the M14

Mystery Box

"Well I'd prefer somethin' a little heavier, but this ain't too shabby."
— Said when getting an SMG

"Why do we have to pay for guns? Shit don't make no sense."
— Upon getting a Teddy Bear out of the box.

"What ya get huh? Aw look, its a baby toy!"
— Upon another player receiving Matryoshka Doll from the box

"This thing a toy or something?"
— After getting a Ray Gun.

"What the hell in tarnation is this damn thing?!"
— After getting a V-R11.

"Yeah boy I can walk and chew bubblegum!"
— After getting Duel Wield CZ75's.

"You gonna put yourself out of business with them prices."
— Said when the player does not have enough money.


"The end of the world... what do you expect me to do? Make a corny one-liner? Geez."
— Waiting for the Pack-a-Punch to finish.

George A. Romero

"That's it George, take a minute. Calm yourself down."
— When George A.Romero walks into the water and calms down.

"*Laughs* Ya'll don't come back now, ya hear?"
— After killing George.


"Holy Shiiit!"
— Upon using the Flinger.


"Hell yeah, only way to travel!"
— When using the zipline.

"Hell yeah, sure beats walking!"
— When using the Zipline


"Dag-nabit! This floor is slippier than a door knob covered with snot!"
— When revived

"Very much appreciated. Thank you 'much."
— When revived

"Sometimes I think I trip on the cord on a cordless phone."
— After being revived


"Oh, gah! This stuff just don't taste right."
— After drinking PhD Flopper

"Hey, now! Is this moonshine?"
— After drinking Double Tap Root Beer

"Oh yeah, now I've got my stuff."
— After buying Stamin-Up.

"Oh, what the hell is this stuff? Skunk-juice?"
— After drinking Quick Revive.

"Oh yeah, that'll put some hair on your balls"
— After drinking Juggernog.


"Damn, it's as cold as a witch's ti-ti-ti-tit."
— When freezing in the water.

"Oh my god I need to get the hell outta this water"
— Said when freezing in the water.

"I guess this is what they meant by hell freezing over, huh?"
— Said when freezing in the water.


"Fog...what's it good for? Absolutely nothing."
— When the weather is changing. (a reference to the song "War" by Edwin Starr)

"Aw shit, this is a shits day in Shitsville."
— Said when the weather fogs up.

"It's a new dawn, people! Fog's clearing praise Lord."
— When the weather is changing.


"What's wrong, Sarah? Can't do that 'spin and kick' anymore?"
— Said when Sarah Michelle Gellar comments on being surrounded


"Alright the domes are in itty-bitty pieces what do you need now?"
— After completing the second step to the easter egg.

"I've got a champagne taste with a beer pocketbook!"
— When attempting to buy something with not enough points.

"Are you crazy? I have a god damn good mind to shoot you myself!"
— After being told to find a golden rod.

"I already survived one apocalypse, I don't need another."
— Said randomly. (a reference to Walking Dead)

"This one goes out to all you zombies in the audience!"
— Said upon getting all three meteorites.

George A. Romero

As he comes out of the lake

"I need... TO EAT!"
— When he comes out of the lake

"I need... something... TO EAT!"
— As he comes out of the lake while being stabbed.

Seeing a player

"Whose name's above the title?"
— Said randomly, when the player is near.

"I can see you!"
— Upon seeing the player.

"Good to can see you!"
— Upon seeing the player.

"(groans) I'm hungry, what's for lunch?"
— When he sees a player.

"Don't you want to know how it ends?"
— Upon seeing the player.

"Time to get to work."
— Upon seeing the player.

Seeing a player trying to run away

"Come here, I just want to give you a hug."
— Upon watching a player run away.

"Aww, now, don't run away."
— Upon watching a player run away.

"You can't outrun me, well you can but DON'T!"
— Upon watching a player run away.

"It doesn't have to be like this!"
— Upon watching a player run away.

"You're putting this production in jeopardy!"
— Upon watching a player run away.

"We're all friends here."
— Upon watching a player run away.

"Alright, people. Break for lunch!"
— Said randomly when player is not in sight.

"You are the bad guy!"
— Said randomly when player is not in sight.

"Where are yoooouuuu?"
— Said when not seeing the player for a while.

"No threat here!"
— When not seeing the player.

"Let's do lunch sometime. How 'bout NOW!"
— Said randomly when player is out of sight.

Seeing a player near him

"More blood! I want this set swimming in it."
— Said randomly, when the player is near.

Going into berserk mode

"I thought we were friends!"
— When berserk.

"I want you off my set!"
— When in berserk mode and not seeing a player.

"Why are you doing this?!"
— Going into berserk mode

"Now I'm angry and hungry!"
— While in beserk mode.

"Time to rehearse your death scene!"
— While in beserk mode.

Calmed down

"So c-c-c-cold!"
— After being walked into the water by a player.

"What's happening?"
— After being walked into the water by a player.


— Laughs every once in a while.

"Do I taste blood?"
— When you kill him and he starts to walk under the water.

"Please...forgive me."
— When you kill him and he starts to walk under the water.

"Oh my God. What have I done?"
— When you kill him and he starts to walk under the water.

"Where am I?"
— When you kill him and he starts to walk under the water.

"Stop it, it hurts!"
— Said sometimes when injuring George.

Original Characters Trapped

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