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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops.
For the device used in Call of Duty: Ghosts' campaign, see Camera.
"Remote camera view that is toggled on and off with "equipment" button."
— Create-a-Class 2.0 description

The Camera Spike is an equipment item featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops, costing CoD Points logo BO.svg2000.

Call of Duty: Black Ops


The Camera Spike allows the player to see anything in front of it using thermal imaging in a box at the top left corner of the player's HUD, replacing the mini-map. To the contrary of what has been shown in gameplay footage, the mini map is not permanently replaced by the camera feed and can be toggled by pressing the equipment button. The area that the camera covers is dictated by the player's facing (both horizontal and vertical) when it is placed. The camera spike can be destroyed by melee or bullets. If the player is dissatisfied with the placement of the Camera Spike, it can be picked up and replaced somewhere else, and unlike turrets, is simply placed back into the player's inventory.

The Camera Spike is very useful for players that want to watch a specific choke point or path to a key position. Players of all types will show up on the image when passing by the camera's picture, with no perk granting immunity to the Camera Spike. In that regard, the Camera Spike seems rather foolproof. However, the Camera Spike is heavily dependent on wise placement by the player, in addition to not completely discarding the mini-map when the Camera Spike is in use. The Camera Spike can be temporarily disabled either by a Jammer or a Concussion or Flashbang. Camera Spikes are also capable of being overrided by someone using Hacker Pro, and they can simply be destroyed. Hacker users can be particularly annoying to Camera Spike user, as the Hacker user can see the Camera Spike through the wall, and plan accordingly to pass around the Camera undetected, or simply destroy it through a wall.

The Camera Spike is often compared to the Motion Sensor, as both are pieces of equipment intended to detect enemy players. Compared to the Motion Sensor, the Camera Spike costs far less, nobody is immune to the Camera Spike's effects, and the Camera Spike can help determine whether or not an enemy is on a certain floor or room, whereas the Motion Sensor cannot indicate to the player outright if an opponent is in a certain room or going a certain way. The Motion Sensor can be considered more useful in that it has a pulsing radar effect that can detect enemies in multiple directions - even through walls - and it can be hidden much more easily, whereas the Camera Spike is larger and needs a clear line of sight to whichever area the player wants the Camera Spike to see. The Motion Sensor also does not block the mini-map when in use, whereas the Camera Spike does.



  • Players using the Ghost Pro perk will be undetected by the Camera Spike.
  • Players can hack enemy's Camera Spikes and to use it for themselves through hacking it using the Hacker Pro Perk, but if hacked the player cannot choose to turn it off unless the camera is destroyed.
  • In the first reveal trailer the Camera Spike was taller than it currently is. This change was most likely made to reduce exposure.
  • To position the Camera Spike in a certain Y-axis direction, the player must simply look up or down according to where they want the camera to point.
  • The Camera Spike, unfortunately, is not available in the Wii version, mostly due to RAM limitations.
  • On the side of the box near the bottom of the camera, the word 'KampTek' is written.
  • The Camera Spike's camera resembles the one on top of the Sentry Gun.
  • While holding the Camera Spike, the player will sprint faster.
  • If an enemy calls in Attack Dogs , the dogs will be undetected by the camera spike.