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Campaign Perks (Suit Upgrades in Infinite Warfare) are perks in the campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Perks that are also available in multiplayer mostly act the same as its multiplayer counterpart, and some perks exclusive to the campaign have similar effects to ones found in multiplayer. All campaign perks are unlocked by completing any two challenges in a specific campaign level, with the exception of Access Kit, which is unlocked by default, and Longer Sprint and Ammo Pickup, which are unlocked by 5 challenges instead of two.

Campaign Perks in Black Ops IIEdit

There are 13 Campaign Perks, the perks are as follows:

Perk Icon Effect How to Unlock
Access Kit Access Kit Perk Menu Icon BO2 Access otherwise in-accessible areas and equipment. Unlocked by default
Fast Hands Fast Hands BOII Swap weapons faster. Complete 2 challenges in "Pyrrhic Victory"
Adjustable Stock Adjustable Stock BOII Full speed movement when ADS. Complete 2 challenges in "Celerium"
Hip Accuracy Hip Accuracy BOII Increased hip accuracy. Complete 2 challenges in "Old Wounds"
Quickdraw Quickdraw BOII ADS time halved. Complete 2 challenges in "Time and Fate"
Longer Sprint Longer Sprint BOII Longer sprint duration. Complete 5 challenges in "Time and Fate"
Hold Breath Hold Breath Menu Icon BOII Longer hold breath with sniper rifles. Complete 2 challenges in "Fallen Angel"
Climber Climber BOII Mantle over obstacles faster. Complete 2 challenges in "Karma"
FMJ FMJ Campaign BOII Increased bullet damage. Complete 2 challenges in "Suffer With Me"
Hardness Hardness BOII Reduced flinch when attacked. Complete 2 challenges in "Odysseus"
Throwback Throwback BOII Reset the timer when returning enemy grenades. Complete 2 challenges in "Cordis Die"
Ammo Pickup Ammo Pickup BOII Fallen foes drop ammo packs that replenish ammo. Complete 5 challenges in "Cordis Die"
Fast Mag Fast Mag Campaign BOII Faster reload. Complete 2 challenges in "Judgement Day"

Suit Upgrades in Infinite WarfareEdit

There are 11 Suit Upgrades, the upgrades are as follows:

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