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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies
For similar features, see Perk-a-Cola and Exo Upgrades.

Candy Perks are a feature that appears in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode. Each candy gives the player a different ability or perk to help them survive the match. Unlike their previous versions however, they can only be used three times.

Up N' Atoms[]

Up 'N Atoms Perk Image IW

Up N' Atoms allows the player to revive other players faster in a public match. However, in solo, when downed, the player is sent to the arcade room with a free revive token. It is essentially the same as Quick Revive from previous Zombie modes. If you complete the Ghost and Skulls machine in solo, you get 3 extra revive tokens.

Racin' Stripes[]

Racin' Stripes Perk Icon IW

Racin' Stripes allows the player to sprint faster and for a longer period of time. It also allows them to fire their weapon while sprinting. Racing Stripes is essentially Stamin-Up combined with Gung-Ho.

Slappy Taffy[]

Slappy Taffy Perk Icon IW

Slappy Taffy makes the player's melee attacks more powerful, causing the enemies more harm. Also, it provides an area of effect that knocks away other zombies.


Bombstoppers Perk Icon IW

Bombstoppers are essentially PhD Flopper without the dolphin diving effect, since that isn't in the game. Upon consuming, the player receives full explosive damage resistance, no fall damage as well as bonus explosive damage dealt to zombies.

Tuff 'Nuff[]

Tuff 'Nuff Perk Image IW

Tuff 'Nuff allows the player to take more hits than usual, making them harder to down. This candy is similar to Juggernog.

Bang Bangs[]

Bang Bangs Perk Icon IW

Bang Bangs causes the player's weapon to fire significantly faster and increases bullet damage, like Double Tap.

Blue Bolts[]

Blue Bolts Perk Image IW

Blue Bolts is like the perk Electric Cherry. When the player reloads, it causing an electricity effect around them, electrocuting any zombies around the player.

Mule Munchies[]

Mule Munchies Perk Icon IW

Mule Munchies allows a third gun slot, just like Mule Kick.

Trail Blazers[]

Trail Blazers Perk Icon IW

Trail Blazers affects the player's sliding ability, as it makes a fire trail appear in the player's path when doing said action. The trail lasts a short few seconds with a small cooldown in between each slide.


Quickies Perk Icon IW

Quickies helps the player by making the placement of barriers faster, allowing faster strafing while aiming, allowing the player to aim down sights faster, making priming and throwing grenades quicker, and allowing faster reload time. Quickies are essentially Speed Cola.

Deadeye Dewdrops[]

Deadeye Dewdrops Perk Icon IW

Deadeye Dewdrops gives the player improved aim assist, locking onto zombie heads rather than their torso. The perk also removes recoil, which makes handling weapons far better. It also gives increased damage the longer the player aims down their sights. It is a more viable and useful perk than its predecessor Deadshot Daiquiri.

Change Chews[]

Change Chews Perk Icon IW

Change Chews is a new Candy perk introduced in the map Attack of the Radioactive Thing. The perk's usage effects change each time the player gets red screen, altering between 4 different effects - fire, ice, electric and explosive. These effects are activated when the player gets headshots.