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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode

"Mixed chemical bomb that has to be primed before release and detonates shortly after throwing."
— In-game description

The Canister Bomb is a lethal equipment introduced in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It will detonate shortly after being released.


The Canister Bomb appears in multiplayer.

When equipped, the player will prime the Canister Bomb when used. Once the priming process is completed, the Canister Bomb can then be thrown. The Canister Bomb will roll once it is thrown similarly to a Frag Grenade, and it will beep loudly before it explodes.

The Canister Bomb is extremely powerful, but takes a long time to prime and cannot be thrown far. Therefore, the Strong-Arm and Reflex perks are highly recommended with this lethal to alleviate the main risks involved, as the player is left vulnerable by getting in close to deploy the bomb with its long priming time. Due to the weight of the Canister Bomb, the Canister Bomb is very hard to throw over long distances even with Strong-Arm. As a trade-off for that however, the Canister Bomb is easy to use when throwing it a shorter distance, reducing the potential for user error in these situations. The Canister Bomb by design can usually only be used in close-medium range engagements.

If the player cooks it for too long, it will explode, and kill the player. That said, the player can hold a primed Canister Bomb for a very long period of time. The Canister Bomb cannot be holstered if the player has begun the priming process. If the player primes a Canister Bomb, it will have to be thrown eventually, so it can lead to situations where Canister Bombs are wasted or the player is left holding a Canister Bomb for long periods of time.

Like other pieces of explosive Lethal equipment, the Canister Bomb's power can be improved with Danger Close. This will allow the Canister Bomb to consistently kill those using Blast Shield, in addition to increased reliability in scoring kills and greater potential for multiple kills.

Compared to the C4, a similarly powerful piece of Lethal Equipment, the Canister Bomb cannot be thrown as far, it cannot be used as a trap, it makes a very loud noise when one is thrown, and the player needs to time the throwing of the Canister Bomb well, since the Canister Bomb has a fixed timer. However, the Canister Bomb makes up for that by not being sticky, allowing users to bounce the Canister Bomb off of walls and have the Canister Bomb roll around potential obstructions. This can make the Canister Bomb devastating in enclosed areas and around tight corners and chokepoints.

A single Canister Bomb is given to the Assault Juggernaut.


Canister Bombs appear in Extinction, and can be received from Team Explosives or Random Supplies. Canister Bombs only spawn in Team Explosives or Random Supplies when either of them is upgraded to level 1, and the player will receive two Canister Bombs. A pair of Canister Bombs can also be found in Search Piles similarly to other lethal equipment.

Compared to Semtex, the other common throwable lethal item in Extinction, the Canister Bomb possesses much more power than the Semtex and can do more damage to medium targets. Like Semtex, it easily kills light targets outright. As a result, the Canister Bomb is better served against medium opponents such as Hunters and Scorpions, since the Semtex is equally competent against the likes of Scouts and Seekers while being much quicker to throw and able to be thrown over a significantly longer distance.


  • The Canister Bomb will not hurt Cryptids that are on the Laser Drill.