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Cannonballs are a weapon in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, exclusive to the map Sideshow. At random times throughout the match, the large clown animatronic in the center of the map will shoot cannonballs into the air towards random areas of the map, to which players can pick up by walking over them. Cannonballs can be traced by their trail of rainbow smoke. They have a fuse and will explode after a set time, whether on the ground or in a player's hands. If a player is killed while carrying a Cannonball, it will explode withing a few seconds. When thrown, they will explode on impact in a cloud of rainbow smoke, accompanied by the sound of children cheering. Cannonballs have a very large blast radius, larger than a typical grenade. Cannonballs are useful in objective gamemodes requiring the player to capture a certain point on the map, such as Domination, as it can be used to clear any enemies capturing the objectives.

Exo Survival[edit | edit source]

Cannonballs also appear in Exo Survival, being randomly shot throughout the match. They are a viable option if the player is not using the Demolitions Exo class, as the large blast radius and high damage compensate for the lack of available launchers. If used correctly on packed groups of enemies, Cannonballs can be devastating to the opposition, and can help the player(s) reach a higher round. If a player has joined a game in progress, and cannot purchase a weapon, the Cannonballs (if available) can be utilised for a short period of time to gain points which can be used to purchase a weapon. In early rounds, Cannonballs can be highly effective, allowing the player to gain points rather quickly.

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