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Games Call of Duty: Ghosts
Found In Legends Never Die, Federation Day
Country Venezuela
Continent South America
Occupants Federation
Controlled By Federation
Engagements · Federation War
· Operation: Return to Sender

Caracas is the capital city of Venezuela featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It is also the capital of the Federation, which rose to superpower status due to the large abundance of natural resources in the continent. It appears in the mission "Federation Day", where a small squad of Ghosts was sent to gather intelligence on former Ghost Captain Gabriel T. Rorke. It also appears in mission "Legends Never Die."

History Edit

The city of Caracas came to global prominence in the aftermath of the Tel Aviv War. With the substantial international shortage of energy resources, Venezuela capitalized on its own massive oil reserves. Thought to have the largest quantity of crude oil in the world and with few competitors, Venezuela became a lead member of the newly born Federation. Caracas was chosen as the capital of the supranational organization. The city began to modernize with the influx of transfer payments from exporting oil. Crime and poverty were eventually mitigated by regional prosperity and order.

Operation: Return to Sender nearly destroyed the city of Caracas. The main American invasion force assaulted the city with the intention to assassinate the Federation leadership and shatter the nation's economic/political/military capacity. The Federation achieved the upper hand when they destroyed the city's hydroelectric dam, flooding Caracas. Half of the American and Federation forces were killed in the flood. Despite managing to kill General Diego Almagro, the U.S. military failed to secure the city and was eventually forced to withdraw.

Although decimated by the flood and fighting, the Federation had managed to evacuate its civilians from Caracas completely. Over the next few years, Caracas rebuilt and redefined itself as a major global metropolis. Millions of Federation citizens moved to the city and surrounding areas for employment and residency. Vast amount of capital money flowed in from local business and international investment.

By 2027, Caracas developed an impressive central business district with towering skyscrapers and advanced infrastructure. The city maintained a vast urban sprawl extending from the shoreline of the Caribbean up to the mountainous region.

The city endured shocking violence just after midnight on June 15th. The city's citizens and military personnel had been celebrating Federation Day, which effectively masked the Ghost team's infiltration of the city. After attacking the Federation's primary R&D office building in the city center, the Ghosts managed to capture Victor H. Ramos. However, Gabriel Rorke anticipated this move and initiated a controlled detonation of the R&D office, killing Ramos but failing to terminate the Ghosts.