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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

"Post apocalyptic rally race along the Northern California coast. Long sightlines and evironmental hazards are at the forefront of the figure 8 map."
— In-game description

Carnage is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare released in the fourth DLC pack, Retribution. This map is set in an apocalyptic style race rally filled with wide areas, lines of sight and environment hazards.

From October 12th, 2017 to November 1st, 2017, Carnage was made free to all players regardless of DLC ownership, and gained its own gamemode, Carnage 24/7.


The map splits into three portions:

  • Race Rally - A wide space of combat with most of the firefights occurring and environmental hazards.
  • Central Area - Crowded with obstructions but with some variations of space.
  • Back Lot - Second area with most heavy activity and containing one of the map's longest wall running spots.

There are long lines of sight throughout the map.


  • Near the race rally is a fire trap entitled "Burninator". On it's left side is the activation button indicated by the large grafitti "FIRE". Activating the fire trap will release a wave of flames engulfing it's victim to ashes until only the character's skeleton is left.
  • Near the fire trap is a dangerous cliff. Though capable of wall running, getting the right angle of movement can be tricky.
  • A lever connected to a dropper is found near the garage. Pulling it will drop a barrel full of acid onto the road, which will instantly kill anyone that is under it, while it will deal damage to players who stand in the cloud of acid afterwards.
  • There are three turning saw blades located under the center bridge. Touching them will result in an instant death.

Objective Locations


  • Hardpoint 1 - Bridge located at the central area. There is an underpass beneath the structure suitable for sneak attacks.
  • Hardpoint 2 - Gas Station located at the race rally. Very wide open area due to being place outdoors. Gas tanks serve as coverage but still leaves anyone vulnerable if capturing without constantly checking and firing.
  • Hardpoint 3 - River Bed located at the back lot. The walling helps make enemy aiming difficult while the structure itself has several openings from below. Good enough to surprise the opposition.



  • The pumps inside the pump room reuse the same model as the Pack-a-Punch Machine from the Zombies mode, albeit slightly altered.