The Carpet Bombing is a scorestreak featured in Call of Duty: WWII. When deployed, a siren will go off alarming every soldier to take cover. A bomber will pass over the battlefield and drop massive bombs in a horizontal pattern several times. The area of effect is huge obliterating every solider, whether friendly or ally, under it's path.The bomber will avoid the location of friendlies trageting only the opposition but once it arrives, it's advisable to stay away from the bombing itself.


Since the blast radius of a single bomb is as destructive as one artillery strike similar to the Artillery Barrage, having multiple missile bombing runs in a tight, small map results to a chaotic environment. It usually does 3 runs on the designated area. If an objective is located on a wide open area, using the bombing run will eliminate all enemy rivalries clearing out the vicinity.


The Carpet Bombing's main objective is to eliminate hostile activity and enemy strongholds. Though the bombing run is significantly large and massive, it will harm anyone underneath it's devastation. Any friendly near an enemy during the time of the run will be caught to death. This isn't very useful when needing protection and sweeping off enemies when reaching to an objective. Even ground scorestreaks like soldiers utilizing the Flamethrower aren't safe.

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