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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

For the cancelled map in Call of Duty: World at War, see Carrier (Cancelled Map).
For the Exo Zombies map, see Carrier (Exo Zombies).
"Chinese Supercarrier. Open engagements on the deck, with great close quarters fights in the passageways."
— Map description

Carrier is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It takes place on a Chinese aircraft carrier, and makes for a very tight and close quarters environment for fighting. Most scorestreaks do well here, being that it is mostly outside without large obstacles. It pits SEAL Team Six against the SDC, and is available in all game modes.

Layout and positions

Based on a Chinese supercarrier, the map features a large amount of obstacles stopping most long range combat. On the east side of the map is the island of the carrier, but only the bottom levels are accessible. The island allows access through a narrow hallway into the southeast to the overwatch, central flight deck, and a helipad just east of the blast shields. The southeast corner has a jet parked, which can be shot under if the player is crouched. Because of its lowered position, players are vulnerable to attacks from above.  An overwatch provides cover and a sightlines along south and southeast zones. Just north of the overwatch are two jets that can be treaded over, utilizing a ladder on each side.  This represents one of three positions with enough height to shoot over the barriers. The northernmost jet allows access underneath by proning. This area usually holds a sniper watching over nearly the entire southeast half of the map.

The southwest features a helipad. This is a major flare up for conflicts, since there are four spawn locations near it. There is a lowered walkway behind the helipad, where players can spawn. Next to the helipad is a room with entrances facing north, and west near the helipad. Guardians and defensive Tactical Equipment usually do well in this room. The central region of the map is the flight deck that contains a destroyed jet and helicopter, both of which can be used for excellent cover. The helicopter is open for players to travel through.  North of the central flight deck, there are two raised blast shields, a helicopter, and a few containers. Snipers and enemies with LMGs are very commonly hidden behind the half-raised blast shield, and mainly focus down the eastern sections. On the right side of this shield is a small platform to go to attack from the side, you can enter this on a ladder




  • The co-ordinates shown when a player uses a Tactical Insertion shows the location of the carrier to be roughly seven hundred miles off the east coast of Japan in the North Pacific Ocean.
  • The jet underneath the Overwatch is a Lodestar scorestreak.
  • In the room near the SDC spawn, there is a machine with three computer screens, the left and right displaying the logo of the winning team, and the middle displaying a desktop.
  • Battleships, destroyers, and some other ships can be seen blazing in the distance.