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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
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"The only way through is into that parking garage and out the other side! We're going to have to take it slow – not sure if it can handle the wei-"
— Carter's last words

Carter is a crew member of the tank with the callsign Rhino Two, who appeared in the campaign level "Goalpost".


Carter, the commander of M1A2 Abrams tank Rhino 2, was part of an armored support unit for Delta Force and Rangers units during the rescue of the United States Vice President, who was kidnapped by Russian military forces at the peace summit in Hamburg. When the US forces were about to enter a parking garage, Carter told Sandman that their Abrams tanks might be too heavy to get through the building, but before they could proceed he was shot and killed by a Russian sniper. After Rhino 2 had destroyed the building housing the sniper, thus avenging Carter, Sandman then ordered Frost to mount Carter's Minigun and cover the advancing soldiers. His appearance is randomly generated.


  • When Carter dies, his body falls inside the tank, but when Frost later moves inside the tank to avoid a falling car, Carter's body is not seen.
  • By jumping on crates, the player can see what he looks like.
  • At the beginning, if the player looks at Rhino 1 and 2, Carter is manning the minigun in Rhino 1 later he is killed while manning the minigun of Rhino 2.
  • On the Wii, his name is randomly generated, yet the soldiers in the tank still yell "Carter's hit!"