"Jack Frost has paid us a visit lads and he's a mean bastard."
— Butcher accounting for the festivities.

Captain Carver[1] Butcher is an officer of the British Special Forces and is the Quartermaster of the Headquarters during the Winter Siege, The Resistance, Operation Shamrock & Awe, Blitzkrieg, Attack of the Undead, Liberty Strike and Days of Summer events in Call of Duty: WWII.

Biography Edit

Operation DevonEdit

During Butcher's service with the British Army in 1943, he fought with the 78th Infantry Division upon the docks of Termoli for Operation Devon, where he battled against the 16th Panzer Division. During this battle, he succumbed to injuries upon his face due to exploded shrapnel, leading to his dismissal to the Headquarters as the Quartermaster during the winter.

Post Winter ServiceEdit

After hosting as the Quartermaster during the winter, Butcher was sent back to the front lines for service, upon which he witnessed resistance fighters in action.[2] To his own disapproval however, he was reassigned to the Quartermaster position during an event to strengthen the resistance movements across Europe.


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  • During the The Resistance event, Butcher made references to Prop Hunt, Demolition and the popular glitch that allows players to move around the Headquarters whilst doing the sitting emote.[3][4]


  4. Evidenced by Butcher's quotes referring to a "moving box", that it's "demolition time" and his disgust to soldiers "sliding around on duty" in the Headquarters.
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