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Cavalier is an unlockable character within Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies. He can be unlocked by completing a full challenge set in Into the Storm the first chapter of The Tortured Path, in this case being the "Storm Chaser" challenge set.


  • Untapped Potential - Escaped without utilizing questionable energies. (Grounded)
    • The player must escape the map without using any Blitz.
  • Vulnerable Victor - Escaped without antiquate defense. (Track Suit)
    • The player must escape the map without picking up any of the three B.A.T. Ordinance drops.
  • Painful Silence - Keep hazardous supplies safe and your location unknown. (Silent Protector)
    • The player must complete a "Defend" objective wave without shooting or meleeing. The player must rely on either Frontline or Jack-in-the-Boxes to complete this challenge.
  • Unassisted - Recovered a relic with no helping hand. (No Charity)
    • The player must recover the Hilt of Barbarossa within the map without picking up any of the B.A.T. Ordinance drops.
  • Bubble Burster - Handled the Raketenbrenner with minimal backup. (Resource Efficient)
    • The player must kill the Raketenbrenner within 45 seconds or less.



  • Cavalier has a bow and a quiver filled with several arrows strapped to his back.

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