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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII

The Cavalry Division is a Division featured in the multiplayer of Call of Duty: WWII added in the United Front update.

The Division offers a Shield in place of one's primary weapon, and its abilities that are granted via leveling up the division are focused on supportive, objective play, rather than combat benefits as with other divisions.

The Cavalry Division features a pseudo-Rifleman Basic Training, as the shield takes up the class' primary weapon slot, with the player being able to select any other weapon to be their secondary weapon, including primary weapons. However, the primary weapon selected cannot equip any attachments.

Activities such as escorting the tank in War Mode will grant 15 score every few seconds, and reaching a tank checkpoint will grant 50 score. Building (walls, turrets or hedgehogs) will be faster.



Cavalry Level Unlock
Cavalry I Carry a Shield that offers protection against attacks
Cavalry II While sprinting, Shield Charge to ram enemies
Cavalry III Improved objective capabilites
Cavalry IV Objectives gives extra score & two assists equate to a kill


Cavalry Level Image Unlock
Cavalry Prestige I Cavalry Division Prestige I WWII ZK-383Specialist Basic Training
Cavalry Prestige II Cavalry Division Prestige II WWII Epic Calling Card "Cavalry Prestige 2"
Cavalry Prestige III Cavalry Division Prestige III WWII Epic Uniform "New Zealand II"
Cavalry Prestige IV Cavalry Division Prestige IV WWII Epic ZK-383 "The Lion"



Name Rarity Image How to obtain
C.O.D.E. Monty Uniform
Universal Skin
C.O.D.E. Monty Uniform Standard Issue Fear Not Pack Purchase
English Cavalry
Phalanx Heroic Supply Drop
Bulwark Epic Collection: English Cavalry Reward
Battleaxe Regiment Epic Supply Drop
English Cavalry Legendary Supply Drop
2225Armory Credit Icon WWII as part of Collection: English Cavalry
Skeletal Cavalry Camo Epic Supply Drop
2225Armory Credit Icon WWII as part of Collection: NZ-41
English Summer Cavalry
Bulldog Epic Collection: English Summer Cavalry Reward
English Summer Cavalry Legendary Supply Drop
2225Armory Credit Icon WWII as part of Collection: English Summer Cavalry
Spec Ops Heroic Supply Drop
Crusher Epic Supply Drop
Skeletal Cavalry Camo Legendary Supply Drop
2225Armory Credit Icon WWII as part of Collection: US Summer Infantry
Grim Reaper
Universal Skin
Dark Shepard Epic Supply Drop
The Keeper Epic Collection: Grim Reaper Reward
Angel of Death Heroic Supply Drop
Grim Reaper Legendary Supply Drop
Universal Skin
Moonraven Hunter Legendary Unlocking the Moonraven Hunter in Nazi Zombies
Universal Skin
Moonraven Mountaineer Legendary Unlocking the Moonraven Mountaineer in Nazi Zombies
New Zealand Cavalry
Charger Epic Supply Drop
Desert Charger Heroic Supply Drop
New Zealand Cavalry II Heroic Cavalry Prestige III Reward
Cavalry Independence Camo Epic Collection: New Zealand Cavalry Reward
New Zealand Cavalry Standard Issue Unlocked by Default
Juggernaut Epic Supply Drop
8900Armory Credit Icon WWII as part of Collection: De Lisle
Russian Cossack
Russian Cossack Legendary Supply Drop
2225Armory Credit Icon WWII as part of Collection: Russian Cossack
Eastern Vanguard Heroic Supply Drop
Kuren Cavalry Epic Supply Drop
White Guardsmen Epic Collection: Russian Cossack
Universal Skin
Blood Harvest Epic Collection: Scarecrow Reward
Scarecrow Legendary Supply Drop
Gold Rush Epic Supply Drop
Plague Legendary Supply Drop
Universal Skin
Moonraven Slayer Legendary Unlocking the Moonraven Slayer in Nazi Zombies
Universal Skin
Moonraven Survivalist Legendary Unlocking the Moonraven Survivalist in Nazi Zombies
Undead Warden
Universal Skin
Deathbringer Epic Supply Drop
Crusader Epic Supply Drop
Hordebreaker Epic Supply Drop
Undead Warden Legendary Supply Drop
Axis Engineer
Axis Exclusive
Axis Engineer Standard Issue Unlocked by Default
Axis Heavy Gunner Heroic Supply Drop
Axis Desert Cavalry Epic Supply Drop