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"Cecilia "Dame" Perrin started her career as CO under Édouard "Templar" Couteau. After being dishonarably discharged she was inducted to a group called the "Dark Covenant" where she was trained in tactics, stealth, infiltration and hand-to-hand combat. This is where she received the title "Dame"."
— In-game biography

Cecilia Perrin, also known as Dame, is a character featured in Call of Duty: Mobile, introduced in Season 4: Spurned & Burned Comics and was released as a playable character on July 9, 2021, during Season 5: In Deep Water as part of the Crimson Dame Draw. [1]


Cecilia Perrin started her career as commanding officer under Templar, until she was dishonorably discharged. She later became a part of the "Dark Covenant", where she received training in tactics, stealth, infiltration, and hand-to-hand combat. Later on she earned herself the name "Dame".

Dame assists Templar in defeating the members of the UAC, which consists of Price, Charly, Rosa, Mace and several spec ops soldiers. She singlehandedly engages Charly and Rosa, disarming both of them of their weapons and ultimately subduing them. After apparently defeating them, she says that she thought the "Americans" would've had harder heads, though Price tells her that he (and the rest of the group) isn't American.

As she looks over a seemingly unconscious Rosa, she expresses doubt that she's knocked out--and immediately gets her answer when Rosa spits at her. Although she showed no signs of being bothered by it, Templar is annoyed and punches Rosa in response. No sooner after that, Gabriel Rorke appears, telling the pair that Price and his crew haven't yet outlived their usefulness, and that she and Templar can have their "heartwarming reunion" after.

Later on, when Rorke fends off an attack by Mace and Rosa who had broken free of their binds, Dame is there to witness the arrival of Adler, who had brought reinforcements to confront him. However, he's also accompanied by an "old friend"--revealed to be a still alive Ghost, accompanied by the Ghosts' German Shepherd Riley, which leaves everyone, including Templar, in shock and denial. Ghost then says his famous line, "You can't kill a Ghost".

Ghost intends to settle his score with Templar, which leads to the merc throwing his knife at him, only for Ghost to simply throw it back, hitting Rorke in his arm. Dame is then ordered to escort Rorke who intends to exfil via helicopter in an underground bunker. Templar tells her to go with Rorke while he stays behind to deal with Ghost and his allies. She escorts Rorke to the bunker, but neither of them are aware that Adler is lying in wait for them there.

Before they can get on the helo, Rorke is grazed in the ear by Adler, so he orders to Dame to kill him, which she agrees to do so with pleasure. Adler taunts her before she moves in to attack. Unfortunately, she is forced to put her task on hold to rescue Templar, who apparently had been overpowered and is about to be killed by Ghost. She swoops in quickly, kicking Ghost away and then helping up her injured comrade before carrying him away. As Dame had kicked Ghost in the area in which Templar had previously wounded him, he is unable to recover in time to prevent them from leaving.

Later on, as the group arrives in Panama, Dame watches over Templar while he nearly stumbles over while attempting to walk by himself. They discuss about Rorke and Hidora--believing them as undeserving of leading the Five Knights, and suggesting that Templar should be their leader. Dame later ambushes Rosa when she attempts to make off with a briefcase, nearly impaling her with a sword, but Rosa reacts quickly and guns her down, before she is pursued by Rott and his men.

Some time later, Dame is shown to be encouraging Templar (who's reverting to wearing his old armor, which she remarked that she always liked that better) to kill Rorke and assume leadership of the Five Knights. Edouard insists that he's anything but a traitor, but Cecilia tells him that he should not think of it as betrayal, but as service to the soldiers who had to follow Rorke's bad decisions. Cecilia is revealed to have summoned the rest of the Dark Covenant, comprising of Dark Shepherd, Artery, Dark Rider, Witch Doctor and Stansfield.

She later joins in the fight when Templar betrays Rorke and kills off all his mercenaries. Stansfield blows up Rorke's ship, preventing his escape. He attempts to resist them, but is ultimately overwhelmed and is at Dame's mercy--her holding a knife to his throat. Rorke taunts them for following the Dark Covenant, calling them "zealots" and "cultists", but Dame believes that it's their time to rule the world and step out of the shadows. In his final moments, Rorke provocatively asks if they're going to kill him, to which Dame responds by slitting his throat, killing him as "a new night falls".

Later on, Dame is shown to be talking with Templar in Blackout. She asks why is Edouard still grim, to which he replies that he served the Dark Covenant for the sake of his daughter Sophia. Edouard is apparently wanting to leave the Covenant after he's done with his business, but Dame insists that Sophia has been well taken care of by them and that she belongs to the Covenant. Edouard insists that it no longer matters and that he's taking Sophia away. However, Cecilia mocks him for thinking Sophia would be handed over to Edouard so easily, as she tells him that his daughter is bound by blood to the Dark Covenant and that she'll grow to be an operator like them. Edouard doesn't believe it, but she tells him that Stansfield and the 5th Knight filled his head with lies and false promises--Sophia is an asset to the Covenant and will never be let go.

This ultimately proves to be Cecilia's undoing however, as it prompts Templar to slice her throat open with his wristblades, telling her that she has "cut his strings" and that he's nobody's puppet anymore. Cecilia could only let out a wail of pain before she ultimately dies from bleeding out.

However, despite being apparently killed by Templar, Dame reappears some time later, during Makarov’s heist at the Hacienda, revealed to be alive, and has a job as an arms seller for an unknown client.