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For another variant, see FiNN LMG.
For a similarly named weapon, see M249 SAW.

The Chain SAW is a light machine gun featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

"Fully automatic. Hip fire only with increased accuracy from attached Laser Sight. Recoil stabilizes with sustained fire."
— Description.

The Chain SAW, referred to as KAC ChainSAW in the game files, is a hip-fire only weapon with an integrated Laser Sight. While the player cannot "aim down the sights" of the weapon, they can use the ADS button to steady their aim and make the gun more accurate over longer distances, though this action turns off the laser sight.


The Chain SAW appears only once in the campaign, at the start of the mission "The Ghost Killer", next to one of the dead soldiers. It is not equipped with a Laser Sight, unlike its multiplayer counterpart.

If kept until the point where the enemy helicopters appear, it can be a very fun and effective weapon to dispose of them with, destroying each chopper with about half a magazine.


The Chain SAW appears as an LMG in Multiplayer. It has the highest cost of any LMG, at 9 points.

The Chain SAW is a low damage per bullet LMG. At any range short of eleven meters, the Chain SAW will deal 34 damage, taking three hits to kill. Damage decreases linearly until 47.5 meters, where the Chain SAW will deal 24 damage, taking five hits to kill, or four if a headshot is scored. The Chain SAW is the only LMG that can't get a two headshot kill. The Chain SAW's three hit kill range is extremely short, in line with the majority of the pistols, but its four hit kill range is quite long. The Chain SAW has high penetraton power.

The Chain SAW has the highest rate of fire in the LMG class, at 857 RPM. This makes up for the short three hit kill range somewhat.

Accuracy is odd. There are no iron sights to speak of as the Chain SAW is strictly hip-fire only. Holding the aim down sight button will simply tighten up the Chain SAW's hip-fire crosshairs and slow down the user to strafe speed. The Chain SAW's hip-fire spread when aiming or not aiming is significantly better than other LMGs, with the hip-fre accuracy when aiming down sight among the greatest in the game. The recoil numbers in its otherwise petite and self-centering recoil profile are 45% stronger on the first six shots. However, after that, the Chain SAW's recoil is almost nonexistent. Its centerspeed is low at 800, so the initial six rounds in the burst will feel strong, but the rest of the bullets in the burst shouldn't cause much kick at all. It also has much less idle sway than the other LMGs.

The Chain SAW has so-so handling characteristics for an LMG. Its movement speed is best in the LMG class at ninety percent, its aim time is the standard for LMGs at 350 milliseconds, and its reload is very slow, taking 8.03 seconds to do a partial reload, 8.83 seconds to do an empty reload, and a 5.93 second reload cancel speed. These are the second slowest reload times in the LMG category.

The Chain SAW has the smallest belt capacity in the LMG class, holding eighty rounds in each belt. Eighty rounds is still a ton of ammunition to hold all at once, but considering the Chain SAW's weaker damage, higher fire rate, and dependence on hip-fire accuracy, the Chain SAW will chew through it rapidly. The user will spawn in with 160 rounds total between two belts.

The Chain SAW does not have access to the optical attachments, the Foregrip, the Flash Suppressor, and the Shotgun, which are available for all other LMGs. The Chain SAW has an integrated Laser Sight.

The Muzzle Brake boosts the Chain SAW's range by twenty percent. This will cause the user to get more three and four hit kills. However, the three hit kill range isn't very long to begin with, so the value of this attachment is questionable. Also questionable is the worth of the Silencer. Although the user will no longer be present on enemy mini-maps while firing, the three and four hit kill ranges are reduced by 25 percent. The four hit kill range is quite long, so users may experience quite an increase in five hit kills.

The Grenade Launcher is available for the Chain SAW. The Chain SAW best utilizes the Grenade Launcher out of all the LMGs due to its faster movement speed, and the Grenade Launcher itself is a powerful tool that can come in handy against entrenched groups of players, although it comes at the expense of the class' lethal slot and allows one less perk point.

Rapid Fire increases the Chain SAW's fire rate to 1016 RPM, making the Chain SAW kill much more quickly. However, the Chain SAW will chew through ammo even quicker than before. Extended Mags boosts the Chain SAW's belt capacity to 120 rounds and boosts the starting ammo loadout by fifty percent. Out of all the LMGs, the Chain SAW needs Extended Mags the most due to the lesser belt capacity. That being said, some may consider it overkill to use Extended Mags on an LMG. Armor-Piercing will allow the Chain SAW to more quickly kill enemies wearing Ballistic Vests and Juggernaut Suits, as well as dealing more damage to pointstreaks. It is extremely effective to take down these opponents, but apart from that, it doesn't do anything notable.


The Chain SAW appears in Extinction, having the rare distinction of appearing on all maps. In each installation, it has a 100-round belt and no laser, while costing $3000, making it one of the costliest weapons to use (the same price as other LMGs).

It can be overshadowed by other LMGs present on the map due to their ability to precisely aim and their tendency to be more ammo efficient; however, the Chain SAW makes up for it with far superior damage output and handling characteristics at close range, where many fights with the Cryptids take place. In Extinction, this weapon can only receive barrel and mod attachments, with no valid underbarrel attachments being present. Due to the harsh limit on what attachments can be fitted on the Chain SAW, it is a great weapon to use when looking through Search Piles, as the player cannot receive any optical attachments or a Grip from the Search Pile when searching with the Chain SAW, reducing the likelihood of receiving unwanted attachments. The reload time is very long and they happen often even with the 100/150 round belt; as such, the player should use Team Boosters or Weapon Specialist in conjunction with this weapon to cut down on the punishing reloads.

Because the Chain SAW is an imprecise weapon, it is a very poor fit on accuracy challenges, and it usually struggles in combat against aerial Cryptids.


  • Point of Contact: Cabin area, on the second floor of the barn.
  • Nightfall: Second area, in the storage unit blocked by a hive.
  • Mayday: Second area, located next to an APC below a catwalk. Also found in the third area leaning against a wall by a hive.
  • Awakening: Found in the first area, leaning against a wall near a cliff containing an optional side area.
  • Exodus: Leaning against a wall inside the starting area. Players won't have the funds necessary to buy it right away.




Under Barrel



The Chain SAW appears in Safeguard with a Flash Suppressor (a combination not possible in other game modes), as well as its integrated Laser Sight. It starts appearing from round 10 onwards, where it can be obtained from support drop crates. The weapon may seem a bit weak when acquired for the first time, but after upgrading a few times it becomes an extremely effective weapon, notably due to the high rate of fire and easy handling compared to the M27-IAR (though the M27-IAR would be a better choice in terms of long range engagements and ammunition capacity).


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Call of Duty: Mobile

"Fully automatic weapon."
— Description

The Chain SAW returns in Call of Duty: Mobile as the Chopper. It was added during the Season 7 Radioactive Agent update.


Initially, it behaved similarly to its Call of Duty: Ghosts counterpart. However, in Season 9 Conquest update, it gained iron sights, as well as a traditional pistol grip and stock. It now requires the Heavy Handle attachment in order to use the Chain SAW grips. The Heavy Handle does not appear to increase hipfire accuracy in any significant way. It instead replaces ADS'ing with a tighter hipfire, which functionally is the same as ADS'ing but without the ability to improve the ADS speed and less precision.

Battle Royale

The Chopper has good accuracy and rate of fire, allowing it to be able to deal fatal damage to enemies. Initially, when it was first added to Battle Royale, its Uncommon blueprint received the Heavy Handle attachment, allowing it to have a much clearer view while aiming down the sights. This was changed in Season 10, with the Uncommon blueprint being changed completely. It is also available as Epic blueprints.




  • Chopper Infantry
  • Chopper Special Forces
  • Chopper Heavy



Rear Grip







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  • Collateral
  • Klondike
  • Visceral
  • Become War
  • Firewall
  • Slicked
  • Red Action
  • Be So Lovely
  • Sakura Storm
  • Super Inductor


  • Chain Reaction
  • Rules of the Game



Call of Duty: Ghosts

  • The Chain SAW's in-game model features a unique integral grenade launcher that is unusable. Equipping the grenade launcher attachment will change the launcher model to an FN EGLM.
  • When viewed in Create-A-Soldier, the selected soldier holds the weapon as though it had a pistol grip, rather than by its actual one.
  • Even though the Chain SAW is hip-fire only, there are rails mounted on the gun to fit opticals. There are rails mounted in front of and behind the handle which is only viewable in first-person, whilst a barrel-mounted rail can also be seen.
  • The Chain SAW is seen in a Skeleton Angel background, earned by purchasing 3 squad members.
  • Performing a specific mantling glitch will allow the player to aim down the "sights" of the Chain SAW, with the center point of aim occuring underneath the forward carrying handle.

Call of Duty: Mobile

  • The Chopper's legendary "Chain Reaction" variant has the integral grenade launcher seen in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Around the rail of the base version, there are still parts of the launcher visible.
    • Part of the textures for the base model still include textures for the launcher, and these fit on the legendary variant's launcher.
  • Despite the Heavy Handle attachment conflicting with the Rear Grip attachments in standard multiplayer, an attachment set including Stippled Grip Tape and Heavy Handle together can be found in Gunfight.