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For the Call of Duty 3 level, see Chambois (level).

Chambois was the location of a bitter battle in the Normandy campaign of World War II. Here, the 90th Infantry Division (United States) finally met 10th dragoons from 1st Armored Division (Poland) (Polish 1 Dywizja Pancerna).

For two days, Poles and Americans defended the town against continuous assaults launched by overwhelming enemy forces (mostly remnants of the German 7th Army), taking thousands of prisoners. The battle ultimately was ended as Allied air support finally destroyed what was left of the German forces.


Chambois is seen only in Call of Duty 3 and it serves as the last mission, sharing the same name "Chambois". Sgt. Dixon, the leader of the player's squad, was killed in this battle and Pfc. Guzzo was injured and took over as the squad leader.

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