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Character Dolls are unique Matryoshka Dolls that are found in the Nazi Zombies map, Ascension in Call of Duty: Black Ops. They look like the characters, Takeo Masaki, Edward Richtofen, "Tank" Dempsey and Nikolai Belinski, and talk in a high pitched voice. The dolls say different quotes depending on which character picks it up. Upon obtaining the dolls as a weapon, the character models will appear as they pop out of one another.


Ascension - Easter Eggs

Ascension - Easter Eggs



"Tank" DempseyEdit

  • Hey good lookin'! - To Dempsey
  • Your breath smells like death. - To Nikolai
  • Eh eh! What's up Tak! - To Takeo
  • You suck Richtofen! - To Richtofen

Nikolai BelinskiEdit

  • Oh! Hi Dempsey! - To Dempsey
  • Oh! You look just like my sister! - To Nikolai
  • Your eyes are empty, Takeo. - To Takeo
  • I hate you Richtofen! - To Richtofen

Takeo MasakiEdit

  • "You ugly american!" - To Dempsey
  • "I will not work for you!" - To Nikolai
  • "For the emperor!" - To Takeo
  • "Good day, Doctor!" - To Richtofen

Edward RichtofenEdit

  • "Hey Dempsey, you're so big!" - To Dempsey
  • "Don't breathe on me!" - To Nikolai
  • "Oh, hi Takeo!" - To Takeo
  • "Ah, ah, ah! Stop tickling me!" - To Richtofen


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