"Raised on trips to Africa with her father, hunting poachers in Kenya and Tanzania. Expert tracker. Joined British Army, passed selection for the SRR. Helped liberate a besieged CIA safehouse, earning a friend in Kate Laswell"
— In-game biography

Charly is a SAS operator of the Coalition faction featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. She is unlocked by playing 25 Multiplayer matches.


Charly was trained in tracking techniques from age 8 to 18 by her father, Cpt. Craig Johnstone, hunting poachers in Kenya and Tanzania. She joined the British Army on 2005 to follow her family tradition, applied for and passed selection for the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SSR.)

Charly served multiple tours in Iraq, Afganistan, and Libia, and was paired with Lt. Jacob Micah Thorne from the SAS from 2011 to the present. Together, they maintain an 84.4% success rate by Coalition figures. Their friendship appears professional and platonic, but not invulnerable. A disagreement has been observed between the operators over Thorne's independent decision to release the Jackal's co-founder "Zane " from custody during Operation Iron Canopy.

She orchestrated the successful defense and liberation of a CIA safehouse in southern Urzikstan, earning a friend in Case Officer Kate Laswell in the CIA. 



  • Charly's blood type is O-
  • Charly is left-handed and left eye dominant with 21/21 vision
  • Charly's dossier is found in Operation Strongbox


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