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Call of Duty: Ghosts
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Los Angeles, California, United States of America
June 6th-7th, 2027
Type of Combat
Medium-Long Range
Campaign Map
Ghost Stories, Brave New World, No Man's Land
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Chasm is a large multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It takes place on a street in bombed out Los Angeles in which a building has fallen over and covered most of the map.


Players can enter some of the surrounding buildings, including the rubble of the fallen building, and can also access a subway station underneath the map. The map is complex, large, and multi leveled, and has many broken lines of sight and changes in elevation, as well as twisting routes in and through the rubble. Search and Destroy, Search and Rescue, Infected  and Domination are the gamemodes well suited for the map.

Chasm can be a comfortable map for anything from close range engagements to long range firefights, depending on the mode your playing and how carefully you choose your engagements. Use the alternate routes if you find your progress blocked by heavy enemy resistance.

Main AreasEdit

There are a variety of location that players can venture in performing different ways too attack but some of the main areas are mostly heavily active.

Back AreaEdit

This area contains a restaurant that's active at times, the back room is a good flanking point. Outside, a padio can be used as a patroling area or a sniper position. There is an escalator that leads down the underground passageway. The bus and white trucks are good platforms in terms of sniping but will leave players defenseless so staying too long isn't optional

Attentive Sections/Positions:Edit

  • A glass ramp is often used as camping position for campers waiting for someone to come giving them a kill.

Accessible BuildingsEdit

Most of chaotic action takes place at the left side building with the dynamic elevator. The Left and Right buildings are connected to the Rubble Tunnel offering some alternative routes and a small bridge. Some of the rubble is used as a cement ramp getting up to higher floors. The Back Area Red Restaurant will be dangerous because enemies will come in and start taking some kills. 

Attentive Sections/PositionsEdit

  • Most of the time, players will wait for an enemy coming up from the stopped elevator attacking them.
  • A small office has a giant debri above which serve as a camping position when crouching or going prone.
  • As stated above, the majority of combat will happen at the left side building.

Rubble TunnelEdit

The Rubble Tunnel is the central area of the map. There are a few alternative routes when coming in and out from this area. It contains a few levels that'll lead to second floors of buildings. It is slightly difficult to kill someone due to the dark grey color and the clutter of rubble and debri that acts as tunnels and arches. Two Cement Ramps lead to each building.

Other AreasEdit

Some of the other areas aren't heavily active but still hace some activity in them especially in Domination.

Right Section(Domination A Flag Location)Edit

Not a lot of action occurs in this area, however, the A Flag is located at this section making it active when venturing in. There is a two cart bus that players can go in but has no use other than waiting for health to regenerate. 

Underground PassagewaysEdit

Not a lot of heavy activity but it is great area to secretly ambush players, flank area or use of alternative routes. There are a multitude of ways to get in and out of the area. 

Secret SpotsEdit

There are some spots that are utilize secretly

  • A open stall in the right side building is a good way to call in killstreaks
  • In the right section, the green plants act as hiding spaces for calling killstreaks
  • In the same area, players can go under the two cart bus calling in a killstreak or secretly attacking someone.
  • A Lamp Post can be walked on that overwatches the right section of the map
  • The Bus connected to the restaueant at the back area is accessible that can be used as a hiding spot in Infected.

Not a secret spot but a leaning palm tree can be utilize as sniping position overwatchin the front view of the map. It is, however, not advisable to stay longer.

In Domination, as stated above, the A Flag is located at the right section of the map in front of car debris. The B Flag is under the Rubble Tunnel, capturing by going prone will likely be a safer way. The C Flag is located at the Back Area next to the restaurant with less coverage to capture it.


  • A two-car bus is situated at the edge of the map, one car is tipped half way over the edge. An explosive will cause it to fall over, killing any players inside of it.
  • A small elevator box hangs over between two ledges. A bullet to the cable wheels will cause it to drop a bit, allowing players to jump on it to get from one ledge to the other. An explosive will cause it to completely drop.




  • Similar to the maps spoofing those of the London Underground in Mind the Gap and Underground in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a map of the Los Angeles Subway is featured in this map, with stations named after developers and various references such as a station called "Fish AI".
    • Station signage also references Infinity Ward Environment Designers, with Tim McGrath, Sylvia Miller, and Roxana Bracamontes named.
  • In the Subway, there are two subway trains. One is bent upwards and is hanging over the edge, and the other is covered in debris. Weirdly, the subway trains use the London Underground tube trains model instead of LA Subway train models.
  • A large screen features Infinity Ward developer John Dobbie, introduced as "Mr. Dobbie" and a "Comedia".
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