President Bosworth: "All ASEAN units of the United States Navy have been instructed to defend China against Raul Menendez's drone attacks. "
Premier Chen: "谢谢 (Thank you), Madame President. Your actions speak louder than any words. "
Bosworth and Chen in "Cordis Die".

Chen is the premier of the Chinese government in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Chen is first mentioned in the mission "Celerium"; however, he is not seen until the mission "Cordis Die", speaking to President Bosworth about the entire U.S. drone fleet heading to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Depending on the outcome of the Strike Force missions, he may be relieved or mad. If all Strike Force missions were successfully completed, he will be relieved, and as a result, Chinese special forces will assist JSOC and the player in the final mission, dealing with all Cordis Die's mercenary snipers and providing overwatch for the JSOC's main force as they entered the Mercs facility in Haiti.


"谢谢. Thank you, Madame President. Your actions speak louder than any words."
— If the Strike Force missions were completed successfully.
"Thousands of American drones are heading for our capital cities! Your weapons, Madam President."
— If the Strike Force missions were failed.


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