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The Chicom CQB (referred to as QCW-05 in the game files) is a bullpup submachine gun that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty: Mobile. It was first seen in the Los Angeles Gameplay Trailer. In-game, it delivers high cyclic fire rate and is a three-round burst weapon.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II


"Fully automatic submachine gun. High rate of fire with a large magazine."
— Campaign description

The Chicom CQB is available at the start of the future missions. It is fully-automatic by default, unlike its multiplayer and Zombies counterparts.


"3 round burst submachine gun. High cyclic fire rate allows for fast consecutive bursts."
— Description.

The Chicom CQB is unlocked at level 37, alongside the HAMR.

The Chicom CQB is a low damage, short range SMG. At any range short of 12.5 meters, the Chicom CQB will deal 33 damage per bullet, needing four shots to kill. At any range between 12.5 meters and 23.75 meters, the Chicom CQB will deal 22 damage per bullet, needing five shots to kill. At any range past 23.75 meters, the Chicom CQB will deal eighteen damage per bullet, needing six shots to kill. The Chicom CQB will deal 10% extra damage on a Headshot. A single headshot will reduce the number of shots needed to kill from four to three at any range short of 12.5 meters, but a headshot will otherwise not change the Chicom CQB's shots needed to kill, even with a slew of headshots. The Chicom CQB's damage and range are both quite poor for an SMG, and is one of the Chicom CQB's greatest weaknesses. The Chicom CQB has low penetration power, so it will struggle to retain damage when shooting through thicker cover.

The Chicom CQB's rate of fire is the weapon's main selling point, and point of contention. The Chicom CQB fires in three round bursts by default, unlike all other SMGs in Black Ops 2 multiplayer. The Chicom CQB fires at 1250 RPM within the burst. The main selling point to the Chicom CQB is that it has no burst delay, meaning that it is possible to maintain a fire rate of 1250 RPM with an active enough trigger finger, as the gun will be ready to fire again as soon as the third bullet is fired. With practice, the Chicom CQB can be fired much faster than most other SMGs, and even keep pace with the Skorpion EVO. It is worth noting that, unless the user hits all three shots in a burst at close range with at least one of those shots hitting the head, it is not possible for the Chicom CQB to get a one burst kill in Core game types. Users should use the Chicom CQB expecting to need multiple bursts to kill.

The Chicom CQB's accuracy is decent for an SMG. The iron sights are simple and clear, although the main point of aim sits low relative to the gun. The Chicom CQB's recoil per shot is softer than other SMGs, with recoil values of 50 to the left and right, 55 upwards, and 45 downwards. The Chicom CQB's recoil is very omni-directional, and the Chicom CQB has a good centerspeed of 1625. Although the Chicom CQB fires very fast, the Chicom CQB will remain moderately accurate with fully automatic fire.

The Chicom CQB handles just as well as most other SMGs in its class. The Chicom CQB will allow the user to move at 100% of the base speed, and strafe at 80% of the base movement speed. The Chicom CQB allows the user to aim down the sights in 200 milliseconds, and the Chicom CQB has excellent hip-fire accuracy. The Chicom CQB's reload speeds are a tad slow among SMGs, but decent overall. The Chicom CQB's reload animation is 2.1 seconds long, or 2.7 seconds long if the magazine was completely empty. The user can Reload Cancel in 1.55 seconds. These reload speeds are a little slower than normal, but it is not substantially slower.

The Chicom CQB has an average magazine capacity for its class, holding 36 rounds per magazine, equating to twelve bursts before needing to reload. The Chicom CQB has a starting ammo loadout of 144 rounds. Both of these values are good overall, and average among SMGs, although the Chicom CQB's very fast fire rate and low damage profile means that ammo will be expended quickly.

The Chicom CQB has the usual assortment of SMG attachments on offer. The optical attachments are not worth using on the Chicom CQB, as the iron sights are good enough for the intended range of the Chicom CQB.

The Laser Sight will improve the Chicom CQB's hip-fire accuracy. Although the gain is numerically slight, the hip-fire spread with the Laser Sight is tight enough for hip-fire to be reliable out to quite some distance.

The Suppressor will reduce muzzle flash, make the Chicom CQB quieter when firing, and prevent the Chicom CQB from revealing the player's position on radar when firing, at the expense of reducing the 33 damage per bullet range to 8.75 meters, and reducing the Chicom CQB's 22 damage per bullet range down to 16.62 meters. The Suppressor is a solid fit on the Chicom CQB. Range isn't the Chicom CQB's forte anyway, and the Chicom CQB fires very fast to make up for any damage and/or range deficiency. The Chicom CQB makes for an excellent suppressed weapon.

Fast Mag or Extended Clip will both improve the Chicom CQB's reloading dilemmas. Reloads will be common with the Chicom CQB, and using either of these attachments will help tremendously. Fast Mag will make reloads lightning fast, while Extended Clip will increase the Chicom CQB's magazine capacity up to 48 rounds (sixteen bursts) and increasing the starting ammo loadout to 192 rounds. Either attachment will be a great fit on the Chicom CQB.

The Foregrip increases the Chicom CQB's centerspeed from 1625 to 1649. The attachment's benefit is small enough that the effect borders on useless. The Foregrip is a waste of space.

The Quickdraw Handle will allow the Chicom CQB to aim down the sight in 100 milliseconds. This will allow users to snap onto target incredibly fast to dole out accurate fire.

FMJ will improve the Chicom CQB's penetration power, allowing it to better retain damage when shooting through objects, as well as deal more damage to scorestreaks, allowing it to destroy the likes of Sentry Guns, Guardians, and A.G.R.s much more quickly.

Long Barrel will increase the Chicom CQB's 33 damage per bullet range to 14.5 meters and the Chicom CQB's 22 damage per bullet range to 27.55 meters. This will improve the Chicom CQB's medium range performance, reducing the chances of getting five or six shot kills. The attachment only helps the Chicom CQB's performance and the user can't go wrong with picking it.

The Adjustable Stock will allow the Chicom CQB to strafe at 100% of the base movement speed, conferring no movement speed loss when aiming down the sights. This allows the user to move incredibly quickly while strafing, but its effect on SMGs is questionable, as SMGs already enjoy a fast strafe speed when aiming down the sight.

Select Fire will allow the Chicom CQB to fire fully automatically, but the rate of fire is reduced to 937 RPM. This essentially makes the Chicom CQB play very similarly to a Vector K10. The attachment should only be used if the user struggles to fire the Chicom CQB at a fast rate of fire, as the Chicom CQB will struggle to compare to the likes of the Vector K10 and the MP7 while costing an extra pick ten point.

Rapid Fire will increase the Chicom CQB's rate of fire to a gargantuan 1935 RPM. However, this comes with severe penalties, as the 33 damage per bullet range gets reduced to a mere 3.1 meters, and the 22 damage per bullet range gets reduced to just 5.9 meters. In addition to the brutal range reduction, the Chicom CQB's centerspeed also gets reduced to 1381, and the Chicom CQB's hip-fire spread becomes wider, to the extent that the Chicom CQB will have the hip-fire accuracy of an assault rifle from the hip. Outside of knifing distances, the Chicom CQB will be a lock to need six shots to kill, and will be woefully inadequate. The fire rate is also fast enough that players will need to fire extremely quickly in order to maintain the full 1935 RPM. The attachment is coated with risk, and is not worth using as a result. When combining Rapid Fire with Select Fire, the Chicom CQB will fire fully automatically at 1428 RPM. The Chicom CQB's range with Rapid Fire equipped is short enough that the Long Barrel cannot fix it, and a Suppressor's range reduction will hardly be of detriment.

Overall, the Chicom CQB is an unusual SMG that requires the user to learn how to maintain its rate of fire. The Chicom CQB differs from the vast majority of burst fire weapons in that there's no burst delay at all, and as such, there will be a learning curve for those expecting the Chicom CQB to behave like other burst fire weapons, even faster firing ones like the M8A1 and B23R. For those who do get a hang of maintaining its fast rate of fire, the Chicom CQB provides longer range, superior accuracy, larger magazines, and more ammo than the Skorpion EVO, as well as a headshot multiplier allowing for rapid three shot kills in close ranges, even if the chance of such a thing occurring is rather low. The Chicom CQB's main challenge comes from maintaining its rate of fire, as those who can't come close to firing the Chicom CQB at its maximum fire rate will struggle to fare better than if they just used a Skorpion EVO, despite the Skorpion EVO's several statistical disadvantages compared to the Chicom CQB. Outside of the fire rate, the Chicom legitimately has poor damage metrics. The Chicom CQB will be terrible to use beyond medium range combat, and its low range can make medium range gunfights more difficult. With proper practice to ensure maximum fire rate with the Chicom CQB, the Chicom CQB will be a formidable weapon in closer ranges.



"With such a high capacity and rate of fire, I predict a high number of zombie fatalities."
Marlton Johnson, when obtaining the Chicom CQB from the Mystery Box in Die Rise

The Chicom CQB is available in the Mystery Box for 950 points in TranZit, Nuketown Zombies, Die Rise, and Origins. It starts with a 40-round magazine and retains its burst-fire function from multiplayer. It has a fairly average damage output, not being very effective on high rounds, but good for accumulating points and headshots. However, the weapon has quite low ammo reserve, and coupled with the high rate of fire, the player is likely to run through all ammo rather fast.

When Pack-a-Punched, it becomes the Chicom Cataclysmic Quadruple Burst. It is more powerful, has a 40-round magazine with 200 reserve rounds, and shoots four-round bursts. Its style of shooting does not change, though it becomes more useful with the added damage. It can be Pack-a-Punched multiple times cycling new attachments. These attachments include a Reflex SightSelect Fire, Fore Grip and Fast Mag.

In the game mode Turned, it is the fourth weapon to be obtained if the player is a human.

Chicom CQB vs Chicom Cataclysmic Quadruple Burst

Chicom CQB Chicom Cataclysmic Quadruple Burst
Chicom CQB Zombies BOII.png Chicom Catacyclism Quadruple Burst BOII.png
Damage 100-60 160-120
Fire mode 3 Round Burst 4 Round Burst (+ Automatic if Select Fire is obtained)
Rate of fire 1250 RPM per burst & overall 1250 RPM per burst & overall
(937 RPM Select Fire)
Magazine size 40 40
Max ammo 120+40 200+40
Mobility High High
Extras More ammo, higher damage, becomes 4-round burst
Possible Attachments Grip, Reflex Sight, Select Fire, Fast Mag


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Call of Duty: Mobile

"Three round burst SMG. High cyclic fire rate allows for fast bursts."
— Description

The Chicom CQB returns in Call of Duty: Mobile as the Chicom.


After the gun's rebalance, the Chicom can deal fatal damage at close range with very high rate of fire for a burst firing weapon, turning it into a fast killing submachine gun at close range. It also sports mediocre recoil, making it easier to fight close range, but might cause players trouble when engaging at mid to long range. The gun is also very mobile.

Battle Royale

The Chicom can deal high damage to well-armored enemies, however it faces several troubles when fighting at long ranges. The gun was removed from Battle Royale in Season 9, and is only available as customized blueprints.




  • MIP Light
  • YKM Integral Suppressor Light
  • OWC Marksman




Rear Grip






  • CQB
  • Moonstone
  • Silver Ghoul
  • Tourmaline
  • Oil Spill
  • Starstruck
  • Chevalier
  • Demon Fury
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Cyberspace


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  • The Chicom CQB has an unusable flashlight, similar to the MTAR and the Peacekeeper.
    • Equipping an optic attachment will remove it.
  • The Chicom CQB has a serial number of 95ZWH1979. This can be seen at the base of the iron sights.
  • There is Chinese writing on the side of the weapon that says "9毫米自動步槍" which means "9mm automatic rifle".
  • The Chicom CQB's overall design is based the JS 9mm while the iron sights resemble those from the Magpul FMG-9.