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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
"Increases damage with increased kick."
— In-game description

Chrome Lined is a weapon attachment that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts; it is only available for the USR, L115, Lynx and the Maverick-A2. It increases damage by adjusting the damage multipliers to give the player more one shot kills. The downside is that the idle sway and idle sway speed are increased by 25% each, recoil values are 20% larger, and centerspeed is reduced by 20%.

The increase in recoil is a negligible side effect when this attachment is put on the USR and the L115 bolt-action rifles, as the time to chamber a new round after each shot allows the crosshairs to reset to their previous position. To add on to this, the Recoil Compensator reduces the negative effects of Chrome Lined as they get more kills with the weapon. However, when put on the Lynx and Maverick-A2, the increase in sway and greater recoil could make follow up shots harder to make if the enemy is not killed by the first shot.

This attachment would work extremely well with the USR and the Maverick-A2, as both have rather underwhelming damage at times. However, the L115 and the Lynx already have high damage, which makes the usage of it questionable, especially on the Lynx since the Lynx has no way to reduce the recoil, whilst the L115 can. As well, the two weapons rely on accuracy, which makes many users use a regular scope adjustment (normally a Variable Zoom or a Thermal Scope) and then a modification in the form of Armor-Piercing or Extended Mags, making the Chrome Lined hard-pressed to work its way into a player's arsenal.

After a patch, the multipliers to the right upper arm and left lower arm were decreased from x1.15 to x1.1.

Multipliers increase

  • x1.5 (Head & Neck)
  • x1.25 (lower & upper Torso)
  • x1.15 (right upper Leg & left lower Leg)
  • x1.1 (right upper Arm & left lower Arm)

Note: The L115 and Lynx normally have a x1.1 multiplier to the Upper Legs, but with Chrome Lined there will be no multiplier to the Left upper leg.