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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

"Forged in the pools of Aetheria, two forms the Chrysalax shall take. The Savager, sharp as the mountains in the Badlands of Dipsarax. The Storm, powerful as the winds on the Ocean of Zophoria. For if you are to defeat the one who is many, it will take both to tear him apart. The Devoured shall be reborn. Their scattered ashes shall be reformed. The Forsaken's torment will be undone, when the Old Ones reign once more."
— Sparagmos

The Chrysalax is a wonder weapon introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies, introduced in the map Forsaken.


The Chrysalax is able to be used in two different modes: the Chrysalax Savager and the Chrysalax Storm. When upgraded at the Pack-a-Punch Machine, it becomes the Tenebris, with the two modes becoming the Tenebris Anima and the Tenebris Cor Meum.

The Savager takes the form of an Aetherial battle-axe that is capable of killing multiple zombies in a single swipe, as well as being able to throw a spinning energy blade. The Storm, on the other hand, acts as a rapid-fire energy weapon that transforms the Savager's hilt into a front-grip. Each shot from the Storm has the chance to turn a zombie into an Aetherium Crystal bomb.

The two modes have a symbiotic gameplay where kills with the Savager can drop Volatile Crystals used as ammunition for the Storm, while kills with the Storm can drop Energetic Shards used as throwable blades by the Savager.


In addition to being obtained from the either the Mystery Box, the Trials as a potential legendary reward, the Chrysalax itself can be crafted by the combination of three parts known as the Polymorphic Crystal Core, Energetic Geode and Tempered Crystal Heart then dipping them within the pools of the Dark Aether.

Each part of the Chrysalax can only be obtained after starting the first step of Pyrrhic Victory

Polymorphic Crystal Core

The Polymorphic Crystal Core falls from the sky upon the start of the second wave after the map has been affected by the Dark Aether, landing in the Jim's Donuts shop in Main Street. Upon getting close to the core, it will be shielded and a wave of Plaguehounds will start to spawn. With the defeat of them, a wave of Tempests will start and penultimately a wave of Mimics will spawn after the Tempests are killed.

Defeating all three waves will remove the shielding around the core, allowing the Strike Team to pick it up.

Energetic Geode

An Energetic Geode is created when an Abomination's Energy Beam attack hits a Dark Aether Crystal.

Tempered Crystal Heart

The Tempered Crystal Heart is dropped from a Tormentor which is killed by fire damage, such as that from the Flamethrower Scorestreak or the Ring of Fire Field Upgrade.

Crafting the Chrysalax

The three parts can be taken to the Particle Accelerator in the Bunker to the pool of liquid behind the Krig 6 Wall Buy and be placed inside. Zombies within range of the pool will now start to glow and if killed by melee or by tomahawk will charge the Chrysalax, with enough forging the Wonder Weapon.


The Chrysalax is a weapon originating from the Dark Aether, from which it was crafted in the pools of Aetheria by an entity known as Sparagmos with the intent of killing The Forsaken.



  • "Tenebris", the upgraded name for the Chrysalax, translates from Latin as "Darkness", or "Dark".
    • "Tenebris Anima" translates as "Dark Soul".
    • "Tenebris Cor Meum" translates as "My Dark Heart".