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Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Black Ops vs. CDP
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"Once home to a powerful medieval army, this ancient castle now sits broken and abandoned. Tight corners force close-quarters engagements, while the moat and drawbridge allows for unique player movement opportunities in this mid-sized map."
— Map description
"An ancient towering castle, once a seat of power, now sits broken and abandoned. The last trespasseres didn't make it out alive - maybe you'll have a better shot."
— In-game description

Citadel[1] is a multiplayer map in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III DLC pack Salvation. Players fight in an abandoned medieval serpentine structured castle offering medium to close quarters engagement.

Overview Edit

The entirety of the map is decorated with medieval dragon/serpent themed ornaments, items and buildings, and is very green toned. It contains mostly medium to close range engagements, however, long range firefights are also active throughout the majority of combat. It's main feature is the castle itself wherein most activity is heavily expected within certain areas and has the most wall running spots.

Spawn Point Edit

  • Black Ops - Outside. In the forested section.

This sections allows a number of possible accessibility for players to venture in. There is a building with one floor that provides a good vantage point for scouters. It watches over the large path route leading towards the bridge. A little portion of the bridge can also be spotted from that particular point. Two caves the are opened can reach out through the castle. The castles also offer another way to jump into the water area. The bridge is one of the most active areas in this map especially in game modes such as Hardpoint.

  • CDP - Indoors. Inside the Throne Room.

This is a great advantage for players spawning in this section due to the fact they secure the whole castle. Similar to the Black Ops spawn point, there are multiple path routes leading on wards from the other side of the map. Not much activity arises within the Throne Room.

The cave systems in this map are great for travelling inside the castle. Both caves are also dangerous because of it's medium to close range combat and is where two Hardpoints are located.

Castle Edit

It has few notable areas of which players can take advantage in the field of combat:

On the center of said castle is a Square Space. This space opens few opportunities that leads players to other places in the castle. This also provides good field of vision when attacking enemy air based scorestreaks since there is no roof obscuring it. Not even the crooked tree situated in it will make it difficult to engage.

The Entrance Point has two good engagement and defensive positions. A small windows on the left side opens a good lone of sight for defenders to eliminate anyone form the opposing team. Another area is the circular tower. Though, it may provide some defensive opportunities, it's an open area that easily spots anyone securing this position.

The Moat is the only water segment throughout this map. It's a one straight water route that reaches to different essential points in the map.

Some minor areas can serves as sustaining the players needs such as regaining loss health or calling in scorestreaks. On the further section is open space with a circular platform. This area is where one of the Hardpoints are located becoming a dangerous point.

Wall Runs Edit

There are two noticeable wall runs. Both are located outside the castle.

  • When leaving the Throne Room, there is a small wall running spot that reaches towards the circular platform area.
  • On the circular platform nearing the Moat is a wooden structure that connects it to one of the structures holding the cave system.

Objective Locations Edit

Domination Edit

  • Flag A - Inside the castle on the square space.
  • Flag B - On the bridge. A good thing about this capture point is that a box helps to have some piece of coverage keeping the player safe from anyone trying to steal the flag.
  • Flag C - On the very side of the building near the Black Opes spawn point.

Hardpoint Edit

  • Hardpoint 1 - Inside Left Cave System.
  • Hardpoint 2 - Similar to the location of Flag B.
  • Hardpoint 3 - Inside Right Cave System.
  • Hardpoint 4 - Area with circular platform.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In a structure just within the area with the circular platform, the Kronorium can be found lying on the table.
  • A serpent creature can be seen swimming inside the moat.
  • Dragon Eggs, armor, bladed weapons are all seen throughout the map.


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