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"The safety of Morg City's citizens is my only priority."
— Civil Protector

The Civil Protector is a utility in the Zombies map Shadows of Evil in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It is involved in the achievement/trophy Beat CoP, which requires the player to summon the Civil Protector in every district in a single game.


The Civil Protector is a robot bodyguard that is equipped with a KN-44. When summoned, the Civil Protector will help the player fight off zombies and Parasites within the district it was summoned at. It is capable of fighting every kind of enemy, even destroying the heads on a Margwa, but the player will not earn points from enemies killed by it. It can also revive downed players if one is in its vicinity. Also, it should be noted that players caught in the Civil Protector's crossfire can end up downed.

After several minutes, the Civil Protector will malfunction and collapse, but can be re-summoned immediately if the player chooses to do so. It can be activated at one of the many Call Boxes located in every district for 2000 points. The amount of points does not need to be paid immediately, and players can instead "Contribute to the Civil Protection Fund" by spending whatever amount of points they have, below 2000, at any machine. This will decrease the price for the next buy.

If the main easter egg is done, the next Civil Protector that is activated will have certain upgrades. It's golden instead of silver, carries a Pack-a-Punched weapon instead of a normal one and will be capable of reviving players faster than the normal Civil Protector.

How to ActivateEdit

There are three fuses the player must find. Their locations are:

  • The walkway in the Canal District, accessible by the door near the train station.
  • The walkway in the Waterfront District, accessible by the door near the train station.
  • The walkway in the Footlight District, accessible by the door near the train station.

Each of the fuses are locked behind doors that cost 1250 points. These doors are located near the perks of each district. After the fuses are found, go to the Rift and place the fuses in the fuse box. The player will now be able to activate the Civil Protector.


  • The Civil Protector design resembles that of the Giant Robot.
  • If the player knives the Civil Protector, blood will come out.
  • Its badge number is 115, a reference to Element 115.
  • Its deployment can instantly kill a Margwa.[1]

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