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Civilian Extraction[1] is an Exo Zombies game mechanic that was introduced in the Ascendance DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It is currently available on the map Infection, and the objective is to rescue civilians, similarly to Cyborg Evacuation in Call of Duty Online.

In certain rounds during Infection, players will be notified of a civilian requiring rescue. The players have to escort the civilian to a specific location, protecting him from zombies and other threats, so that the rescue Warbird can pick him up. A successful extraction will grant each player a free upgrade for the current weapon they hold. Starting on the third successful extraction, orbital drops will also be rewarded. Failure to extract the civilian will result in a Power Drain, where all buy stations, including wall guns, 3D Printers and Upgrade Stations will stop working for 60 seconds.

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