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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies
"Your soul will be mine!"
Willard Wyler

Clown Zombies are a special type of Zombie that appear in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode. They act similarly to the Hellhounds from Treyarch Zombies. They make appearances in Zombies in Spaceland and in The Beast From Beyond.


Clown Zombies appear as sideshow clowns in colorful outfits, with glowing orange eyes. They do not spawn from a normal Zombie spawn points, but rather from a random location in the map near the player, often in a group of two. They run faster than a normal Zombie after the player, to which they will explode when near the player, or when killed by the player. Clowns killed by the player do not inflict damage; only clowns that are close to the player and explode by themselves do. Clown Zombies appear in designated "Clown Rounds", or as part of later rounds with the normal Zombies after scene 20. In The Beast From Beyond , the Clown Zombies once again may appear during "Special Rounds" and any scene after scene 20.

Clown Rounds

Similar to the Hellhound rounds, Clown Rounds are a special type of round in Zombies, that occurs every five or six rounds. The round occurs with a darkening of the map, Willard Wyler announcing "Your soul, will be mine!" and a short line of music to indicate the round. Only Clown Zombies spawn in this round, and once all Clown Zombies are killed, the last Clown Zombie will drop a Max Ammo power-up.

Sooooul Key

Clown Zombies appear during the boss fight of Sooooul Key, after the player(s) have entered all 3 "Simon Says" combinations correctly, where they will replace all zombies on the map and will spawn at the entrances to various areas of the park, or at the Pack-A-Punch Portal. After killing all of the zombies, the Alien(s) will spawn.

Special Rounds (The Beast From Beyond)

The special rounds in The Beast From Beyond are unique; they do not always spawn the same zombies. Clowns may or may not spawn during special rounds, or may spawn alongside Cryptid Scouts and Ninja Zombies.