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Coalescence Corporation is a faction in Call of Duty: Black Ops III and V.E.R.S.I.O.N. It is a global defense, security, medical research and advanced technology company with worldwide interests, and are one of the world's largest defense contractors. It was founded in 2018, initially to develop novel industrial robotics solutions for heavy and hazardous industries. Coalescence is currently headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, and employs 102,000 people worldwide.

Led by Sebastian Krueger and Yousef Salim, Coalescence was found performing illegal black ops activities on human test subjects during 2060, under the name SP/CORVUS. The Singapore Coalescence facility, Ground Zero of the Singapore disaster, was the cause of death of 300,000 people after Nova 6 was released into the atmosphere. The Zürich facility, shown in the mission Life, was also volatile from experiments on the chemical.



The Coalescence Corporation was originally founded in 2018 for the purpose of creating industrial robotics for heavy and hazardous industries.

Acquisition of Stock from Tacitus Corporation

After the death of Raul Menendez in 2025, his shell company Tacitus Corporation was subsequently dissolved, with most of its shares bought back by Coalescence. This would substantially benefit the company; a large number of Coalescence's robotics and unmanned systems are based off of Tacitus' products and research.

Beginning of Human Augmentation

In 2026, Coalescence was apparently partnering with DARPA to conduct research into augmentations, which marked the beginning of the corporations' trade in human augmentation.[1]

Expansion and Growth

During the 2040s, the widespread adoption of exoskeletons by military forces across the world saw Coalescence's share prices soar. In 2042, the company acquired Axcentric Systems, granting it a foothold in mental augmentation and neuro-imaging technology.[2] By 2051, the corporation was also experiencing huge market growth from genetic augmentation and organ replacement sales, which had became increasingly popular as luxury products.[3]

Coalescence Disaster

On June 2, 2060, a massive explosion rocked the Coalescence Corporation R&D Facility on the north bank of the Singapore Marina a little after 8:30 am. Fires and tall plumes smoke hovered across the city, and initial reports state that some unknown toxin was released causing mass casualties. As a result, the Singaporean government initiated a quarantine zone roughly 25 sq. miles (65 sq. kilometers), and the Singapore Armed Forces were ordered to shoot any fleeing citizen within for fear of further contamination. Cleanup crews wearing biohazard gear were sent to determine the the cause of the outbreak; such crews were often attacked by rioters in the early days of the disaster. If their biohazard gear was breached, they would be forced to remain within the zone under strict quarantine protocols.

After the first week following the Coalescence Disaster, casualty figures estimate over 100,000 dead and around 400,000 still trapped within the Quarantine Zone. The majority of the casualties were thought to have occurred within the first hours of the explosion from the Coalescence Corporation. Over the course of the disaster, no single toxin or contaminant had been identified as the leading cause of death in the Q-Zone. After the first month following the Coalescence Disaster, the official death toll was at 200,000 and increasing. The Coalescence Corporation was cooperating fully with the Singaporean government and paid for much of the relief effort, while helping airdrop supplies for the survivors still within the Q-Zone; the corporation would ultimately spend billions of dollars on aid for survivors and compensation to the families of those killed.

By the end of August 2060, the death toll amongst the remaining 200,000 survivors had fallen dramatically, with the vast majority of deaths now being attributed to aggressive cancers and cytotoxic contaminants.

The events of the explosion were revealed to have originated a mile below the Coalescence building, where a secret DNI testing lab was. The project was run by the CIA and Coalescence Corporation, who were testing their first DNI prototype on human test subjects. A glitch in the system caused the DNI occupants to have their minds merge into a being entitled "Corvus", named after its place of birth. His creation resulted in the explosion, which released the chemical agent into the atmosphere.

Despite the massive financial and reputational costs of the incident, Coalescence would survive the incident and continue to trade as one of the top performing corporations on global stock markets

The Black Project's Discovery

In the year 2064, 4 years after the disaster, a Winslow Accord team consisting of WA agents Dylan Stone, Alice Conrad, Javier Ramirez and Joseph Fierro stumble upon the site while investigating an alarm which originated below the building. There, they discovered the nature of the site and the CIA's involvement. With this knowledge, they threatened to reveal this intel to the whole world, with the CIA wanting them to be eliminated. Sending WA agents Jacob Hendricks and John Taylor to investigate the site and the reason of Stone's entire team's betrayal, they discover Javier Ramirez in the server room uploading the intel worldwide. After defeating Javier, Hendricks and Taylor interrogate him, with Hendricks executing him afterwards, which made him guilty. After his death, the 54 Immortals, who are the ones who caused the alarm, decides to destroy the facility in order to kill Hendricks and Taylor, but they escape in time.

Dream Sequence

After the Player's mind goes into their DNI, they relive the events of Taylor and Hendricks' mission through Taylor's perspective. This time, it was Taylor's Team, which consisted of Sebastian Diaz, Sarah Hall, Peter Maretti and John Taylor himself who were investigating the site after an alarm was tripped under the building. After discovering the black project, they head to the server room where Taylor attempts to use his DNI to interface with the main server and find any intel, but is infected by Corvus in the process. Eventually, Corvus spreads around Taylor's Team, corrupting all of them. After being called back to the CIA Black Station in Singapore for "debriefing", they kill the staff of the station in a style known as the "Denial of Reincarnation", which was perpetrated by Jae Xiong, a 54 Immortals enforcer who was one of the test subjects killed in the explosion. When the Player and Hendricks reach the server room, they discover Sebastian Diaz, who is hooked up to the server with his DNI, sending the intel worldwide and controlling any robots in the facility. The Player, with assistance from Rachel Kane and Hendricks, successfully destroys the server, critically wounding Diaz. Kane, knowing they need to know what Taylor was up to, orders Hendricks to interface with Diaz, which would get the intel, but kill him as well. Hendricks is hesitant and extremely infuriated at this, but has no other choice. Before Diaz is killed, he mentions to Hendricks that he can see the Frozen Forest before being killed. However, upon interfacing, Hendricks is infected by Corvus as well. Hendricks finds out that Taylor was leaving Singapore with the assistance of the 54 Immortals, who were also about to destroy the facility. Goh Xiulan, the leader of the 54i, orders the facility to be flooded after seeing they got the necessary intel. The entire facility is flooded and destroyed, but the Player and Hendricks escape in time, with them heading to the CIA safehouse in downtown Singapore to rescue Kane, who was a target to the 54i.


Defense Division



Company Information

  • Business type: Public Company
  • Traded as: NYSE: CLSC
  • Type: Defense, Industry, Manufacture, Software
  • Areas served: Worldwide
  • Business Segments: Medical Research, Robotics, Military Systems
  • Product areas: Bio Research, Direct Neural Interface systems, Industrial Robotics, Integrated Operating Systems, Genetic Therapies, Medical Research, Medical Robotics, Military Robotics, Weapons Systems
  • Revenue: $55.64 billion
  • Operating Income: $5.5 billion

In 2063, 83% of Coalescence's corporate revenue came from military contracts. Of that, 89% came from Winslow Accord and CDP spending. Unaligned countries and law enforcement accounted for 7% and the remaining 4% was provided by private military contractors.


Security Forces

The Coalescence Corporation has its own internal security forces to protect corporate property. While these forces involve conventional human forces, including exo-suit equipped soldiers, the real power of Coalescence's security forces is in its unmanned weapons; the corporation relies heavily on drones, such as GIUs, as well as Autonomous Sentry Platforms and P.A.W.W.S.. Unmanned aerial vehicles are also common. At the Zürich headquarters, these drones were all controlled from a sub-basement command centre.[6]

Coalescence's Zürich headquarters is mentioned as having its own miniature version of Directed Energy Air Defense Systems on the roof. In addition, the building's surface was covered in a proprietary mixture of collodial quantum dots. While these quantum dots were normally used to allow the building to absorb solar energy (in theory making it the world's first self-sufficient building exterior) and to switch individual windows between transparent and opaque on demand, they were also capable of being arranged into a third setting that was steel-gray in colouration and was designed to reinforce the building, capable not only of stopping ballistic weapons but possibly even being rammed by low flying aircraft. This third feature was apparently not publicly known until its first use.[7]



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