Coaxial Machine Gun is a vehicle perk in Call of Duty: World at War which allows the driver to fire a forward mounted machine gun, granting the tank driver a considerably greater anti-infantry capability. The machine gun fires at head level in whichever direction the body of the tank is facing, so although the range of motion is limited, it is much more effective against infantry than the tank's main turret, and does not require the driver to switch seats for machine gun access. When the main gun of the tank is facing forward, the player is able to aim the machine gun with the crosshairs. This perk is unlocked at level 40.

In Game Edit

Although somewhat ineffective as a main weapon against tanks, it does inflict some damage, more-so than the passenger-controlled machine gun and any infantry main weapon. It is advisable to shoot at an enemy tank with both the coaxial machine gun and the main cannon, as this will take it down faster than with the main cannon alone.

The machine gun never runs out of ammunition. It can overheat, just like the passenger-controlled turret, but there's no heat indicator so it is more difficult to repeatedly tap the button to prevent overheating, a common tactic with the passenger turret. The key for firing this coaxial MG is the grenade button.

When driving the Panzer IV, the Coaxial MG seems to be the MG42, as evidenced by its firing sound and killfeed icon. But when driving the T-34, the gun will sound exactly the same, but is a Browning M1919, as seen by the killfeed icon.


  • If the player is using the Double Tap perk, the coaxial machine gun will have an increased fire rate but will overheat faster.
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