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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty 2.

"Dog Company, Listen up, the men on the beaches are counting on us to take out the coastal guns on those cliffs, so move fast, get topside and get the job done."
— Coffey

Lieutenant Coffey is an American officer who fought during World War II with the 2nd Ranger Battalion as seen in Call of Duty 2.


Lieutenant Coffey is seen in the game Call of Duty 2. He is first seen briefing a squad from Dog Company on their mission to take out multiple 155mm Cannons at Pointe du Hoc. When the whistle blows and the ramp comes down, he is the first one out of the Higgins Boat and manages to escape the shell that ultimately destroys the boat.

It was previously planned that Coffey caught a machine gun round in the torso and was helped by a medic on the beach, but it was cut from the final product. He was also planned to later be seen in the level "Crossing the Rhine" where he would be hit once again near the river bank, leaving Randall in charge of the unit.


  • The soldier that shouts "We'd better think fast, Mac!" in "Rangers Lead the Way" was originally going to be Coffey, as seen in the sound file.

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