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Cold Hard Cash (featuring Antonia Bennett) is the thirty-fourth soundtrack in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Official Soundtrack. It is composed by Jack Wall and has a runtime of 3:48. The song features vocals by Antonia Bennett and lyrics by Cindy Shapiro.

It is the secondary easter egg song in Shadows of Evil.


A Man Once Waltzed Into A Club

And Swept Me Off My Feet

He Promised Me The Moon And Stars

And All His Talk Was Sweet

We Married After 20 Days

But All That Went Away

And Now You've Got The Eyes For Me

So Listen What I Say


Don't Give

Much To My Chagrin

He Made Me Live

Like Something That The Cat Dragged In

First He Was Building Up My Assets

But All That Was Gone In A Flash

I'm Expecting You Refill My Basket

With Cold Hard Cash

You Are A Heart Not To Crack

I've Got A Plan Of Attack

I'm Stuck Between You And A Hard Place

They Say You're A Big Spender

So Pour A Drink And Let's Raise A Glass

Cause Now I See You Love Me Legal Tenderly

With Cold Hard Cash

Now The Whistle Is Wet

And You Won't Regret

A Little Duet Pet

So Let's Make A Date

Don't Make Me Wait

Love Me With Your Cold Hard Cash

Bathe Me In Your Cold Hard Cash

Drave Me In Your Cold Hard Cash

Love Me With Your Cold Hard Cash

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