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Captain Price's combat card.

Combat Cards are promotional items that are unlocked when players redeem a code from either Mountain Dew bottles or Doritos.

How it works Edit

  1. Log in to Xbox Live/PlayStation Network.
  2. Activate your gamer ID in multiplayer mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
  3. After you activate your gamer ID, log out of Xbox Live/PlayStation Network.
  4. Log into or register at and enter the codes.
  5. Click the apply gamer ID button, check the double xp time you want to use, enter your gamer ID and hit apply double xp time.
  6. Log back into Xbox Live/PlayStation Network. Enter mode to see if your double XP time has been delivered.
  7. There should be a gold XP icon by it in the barracks if double XP is active. There should also be a timer with a gold XP icon showing the double XP time you have.

If you want to redeem more codes or apply for additional double XP Time to your gamer ID, repeat steps 4 Through 7.

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