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Combat Record is a feature available in the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Black Ops and most games after.

Overview Edit

The Combat Record allows players to view their own as well as others' multiplayer statistics. The player can even compare his Combat Record with another friend.


Included statistics consist of:


Shows the player's time played, wins, losses and win/loss ratio and win streak. In Black Ops, It also shows the user's Wager Match record, with lifetime earnings, games played and games "in the money".


The player's kills, deaths and kill/death ratio; their assists, accuracy and headshots, along with their highest Killstreak* can be seen in this section. This section also includes the player's last 5 games' kill/death ratios along with the user's most-used weapon, and includes the number of kills and the accuracy of the player using that particular weapon. Equipment and grenade usage, kills, and killed by statistics are also found here.

*It should be noted that Killstreak Rewards do not add to players' killstreaks.


Shows the player's match performance; for example the points they earned in Team Deathmatches and the ratios of the last five games the player played.


Shows the player's most-used killstreaks, as well as the number of killstreak rewards used and how many kills the player got with a certain killstreak.


The player's record of contracts is shown; this includes their % return on investments, number of contracts purchased, CODPoints spent, CODPoints earned and their XP awarded.

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