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For a list of weapons or abillites they can possess, see Payload.
For a list of persistent perks and abillites they can possess, see Trait.

"Rigs are wearable customizable weapons systems. Top of the line tech built for extreme military applications. These things pack a punch. They will save your ass in almost any environment."
James Rhomer

Combat Rigs (also known as simply Rigs) are customizable armor suits designed to enhance and withstand battles on land and in space in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. They are a set of weapon systems created by different manufactures and designed for certain factions. They are similar to the Specialists from Call of Duty: Black Ops III. They are customizable and the player can freely switch between Rigs during a match. Each Combat Rigs caters to different playstyles, and each has a set of three Payloads and three Traits, which are weapons, abillites, and persistent perks available to the player.

Unlike Call of Duty: Black Ops III's personality driven Specialists, the human inside the Combat Rig suit doesn't speak at all unless they give out call-outs or scream. Players are given the option of choosing a Male or Female voice. The reasoning behind this is because the character inside the Combat Rig is supposed to be the player, according to Infinity Ward.

There are three Rigs available from level 1, with only their first Payload and Trait available; Warfighter, Merc, and Synaptic. FTL's first payload and trait are available at level 15, Stryker's first payload and trait are available at level 23, and Phantom's first payload and trait are available at level 30.

Outside of payloads and traits, gameplay is identical for all Rigs. Each Rig has customizable armor which is purely aesthetic.

Because there are no differences in Rig appearances by team nor are there any team based specalists, in order to make it easier for players to spot an enemy all hostile Rigs have a red-colored logo of their faction's insignia on each of their shoulders, while players on the user's team sees a blue insignia.

Combat Rigs Edit

"Equip, setup, and personalize your combat rig. Select a combat rig to suit your strategy and style."
— In-game description of selecting a Rig

Warfighter Edit

Combat style: Mobile mid-range

Assault rig outfitted for operating in a variety of situations. Its versatility suits most game modes.

Payloads Description
Claw A rapid-fire firearm with a wide spread and ricocheting ballistic ammunition. Especially effective on groups.
Combat Focus A limited-time perk that doubles scorestreak points.
Overdrive Give your character a temporary burst of speed. Effective in Uplink and Capture the Flag.
Traits Description
Ping Sonar that displays enemy kills and assists to you and your teammates. Effective in objective modes or close-quarters combat. Countered by the Ghost perk.
Persistence Increases the cost of scorestreaks while keeping your scorestreak active upon death. Limits scorestreaks earned to one each per match.
Resupply Drops Lethal and Tactical replenishing ammo boxes after non-explosive enemy kills. Ideal for running equipment loadouts in Domination and Reinforce game modes.

Merc Edit

Combat style: Heavy infantry

Focused on heavy defense and suppressive fire to deliver max damage and clear enemy threats. Optimized for direct assault gameplay.

Payloads Description
Steel Dragon Heavy energy beam weapon with multi-target tracking, locking onto targets in its line of fire.
Bull Charge Level your opponents with a ballistic shield. Best used in close quarters.
Reactive Armor An electromagnetic armor shell that absorbs all types of damage.
Traits Description
Infusion A no-nonsense health regenerator.
Man-at-Arms Improves mobility and starts with maximum ammo capacity. Great for LMG loadouts.
Shockwave Activated in mid-air, eliminate nearby enemies with a destructive ground shockwave.

Synaptic Edit

Combat style: Close-quarters combat

C6 remote-operated drone optimized for speed and close-quarters combat. Tailored for a short-ranged, aggressive playstyle.

Payloads Description
Equalizer Integrated dual-wield SMGs with built-in suppressors. 
Reaper Transform your droid into a lethal, four-legged melee combatant. High-speed sprinting and jumping. Changes view to third person.
Rewind Teleport a few seconds back in time to your previous position while replenishing health and ammunition.
Traits Description
Combat Burst Gain a brief burst of speed after each kill.
Propulsion Speeds up thruster recharging while damaging enemies directly within the thruster blast when activated.
Rushdown Quick dashing in any direction. Great for dodging and finding cover, but can also be used to surprise and attack enemies.

FTL Edit

Combat style: Assassin

Prototype rig equipped with cutting edge stealth military technology to gain combat advantage in combat. Mobility-based abilities ideal for objective game modes.

Payloads Description
Eraser Vaporize your enemies in a cloud of mist with an experimental, energy-based handgun. Requires accuracy at close range.
FTL Jump Short-range forward teleportation burst. Confuses enemies while making you difficult to hit.
Phase Shift Completely disappear and re-emerge to avoid damage. Countered by other FTL players with Phase Shift charged.
Traits Description
Supercharge Payload cooldown packs drop after each kill. Cooldown packs can be picked up by teammates.
Perception Enemies out of your view who are targeting you pulse yellow in the HUD.
Power Slide Increases sliding distance while costing less boost meter to execute slides. Also adds ability to ADS when sliding.

Stryker Edit

Combat style: Tactical support

Equipped with gear for enemy suppression and tactical combat support. Especially useful with equipment-based loadouts in game modes with capture points.

Payloads Description
Gravity Vortex Gun Prototype launcher that shoots gravity-distorting projectiles to suck in and damage nearby enemies. Especially useful in hallways, small rooms, and capture points.
Micro Turret Deploy cover fire or provide crossfire with this compact, autonomous turret.
Centurion Destroys Lethals and Tacticals while emitting an EMP, distorting enemy minimaps.
Traits Description
Relay Alerts you when enemies are near placed equipment, and highlights enemies damaged by thrown equipment. Can be countered by Hardwired perk.
Trophy Drone Portable Trophy System that destroys one incoming Lethal. Requires recharge period before it can be used again.
Hardened Adds damage protection to drones and placed equipment while allowing them to remain active if you die. Also allows three pieces of equipment to be deployed. Deployable cover equipment is exempt.

Phantom Edit

Combat style: Marksman

Specializes in concealment and long-ranged engagements. Perfect for snipers and stealth-based playstyles.

Payloads Description
Ballista EM3 Electromagnetic rail gun specializing in precision and penetration. Automatically locks onto targets. Requires charge time.
Pulsar Deployable sensor reveals enemy locations and directions.
Active Camo Renders you almost completely invisible. Does not protect you from Tracker or other locational perks or scorestreaks.
Traits Description
Marked Target Marks enemies who you've damaged and prevents them from regenerating health for five seconds.
Rearguard Deploys a shield on your back, protecting you from enemy fire and melee attacks from behind.
Heightened Senses Displays sprinting, thrusting, and jumping enemy targets on the minimap. Enemies that are walking or not moving remain undetected. Can be countered by Hardwired or Ghost perk.



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