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Combined Arms is a set of Game Modes in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in which two teams of 8 to 12 players fight to capture objective on a map.

Combined Arms features vehicles such as Snowmobiles, Dirt Bikes, Tanks as well as Waverunners and Gunboats.

Domination[edit | edit source]

"Two teams fight to control capture zones. Use transport and assault vehicles to attack enemy owned objectives and capture them for your team. Earn score for each zone your team controls. The first team to reach the score limit will achieve victory."
— In-game description

Combined Arms: Domination works similarly to Domination with each time trying to control several capture points on a map. The more objectives a team controls, the more score the team gets to win the game.

Assault[edit | edit source]

"Fight for control of the zones. Earn momentum and increase your team's capture speed by eliminating enemies and capturing objectives. Achieve victory by pushing into enemy territory and capturing all zones."
— In-game description

Combined Arms: Assault works in a similar way to War from Call of Duty: World at War with each team having to capture one objective at a time before moving to the next one. Like War, Combined Arms: Assault features a Momentum system but also a majority capture mechanic where a team will capture an objective if they have more players in the capture zone than the opposite team.

When a team captures all the points, the team wins and the game ends. If not all the capture points are under the control of the team before the time runs out, an overtime round starts where the two teams have to capture a unique central point to win the game.

Hardpoint[edit | edit source]

Combined Arms: Hardpoint works similarly to Hardpoint and was released with the Season One of content for the game.[1]

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